New Isuzu buses on the streets of Rzeszów

New Isuzu buses on the streets of Rzeszów

RZESZÓW, RZESZÓW COUNTY. The Municipal Association “Podkarpacka Komunikacji Samochodowa” bought three new low-floor buses from Busimport.

The new bus was presented today in front of the PKS headquarters

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at the headquarters of the Union of Municipalities “PKS”, a contract was signed for distribution with Busimport Pl Sp. z o. o. three modern Isuzu buses. Modern buses will be on the road in just a few months.

Isuzu Novociti Life is an 8-meter low-floor bus with 21 fixed and three folding seats. In addition, there are more than 30 standing areas and one area is intended for a wheelchair user. The cars have air conditioning.

The buses are smaller than the ones previously owned by the company, which will improve the use of the fleet.

They are used during off-peak hours or on weekends, says Sławomir Porada, deputy chairman of the PKS Management Board.

Buses will be green and gray in MKS.

Busimport Pl Sp. Z oo won the bid, beating Autosan. The value of the investment is PLN 2,807,352. It will be financed from the funds of the Association itself.

Along with signing the agreement, the Management Board of the Municipal Community also announced that it does not intend to stop at the existing investment and still wants to improve the level of buses and implement modern IT and ticketing solutions.

The Municipal Association “Podkarpacka Automobile Communication” is a transport coordinator on the communication network called MKS, that is, Inter-municipal Automobile Communication. Services are provided in municipalities associated with local government units that have concluded agreements with the Community. PKS w Rzeszowie SA is the operator of the above-mentioned communication network and provides transport services on it, the Company is also a subsidiary of the Association, which has 100% shares.