New Jac EV3 2023, a city car inspired by Mini and Fiat 500 arriving in Italy.

New Jac EV3 2023, a city car inspired by Mini and Fiat 500 arriving in Italy.

JAC was one of the pioneers in the Chinese automobile industry, as well Byd, in the introduction of various types of electric vehicles. The movement piqued Volkswagen’s interest but drivers did not pass these cars immediately.

After a promising start, with few competitors, sales quickly stabilized. There are electric cars JAC iEV they are basically electric versions of their internal combustion cars. Now we are interested in developing the characteristics of a specific example:

  • How the new Jac EV3 2023 is made
  • Many Jac EV3 2023 references

How the new Jac EV3 2023 is made

The new JAC EV3 represents the first true electric vehicle produced by the brand, marking the introduction of a new corporate identity with a new logo and a new name. It is called EV3, its Chinese name is YiWe, which phonetically recalls the English abbreviation EV (Electric Vehicle). The model is based on the DI platform and features batteries integrated into a Cell-to-Body design, as well as a transmission engine. 9 built-in functions between transmission, electric power, charger, in one module.

With its eye-catching design featuring a round shape and round eyes, the EV3 is aimed squarely at the Ora Haomao (Funky Cat in Europe) market, drawing inspiration both externally and internally from Minito the touch of Fiat 500L in the back. A circular or elliptical motif is present throughout the car, recalling the design of brands such as the Mini.

The EV3 specifications their length is 4025 mm, width 1,770 mm and height 1,560 mm. Two motorization options are available: 70 kW or 100 kW. JAC confirms the use of an LFP battery that uses a series of 46 cylindrical cells supplied by Gotion.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, JAC also showcased a car that proudly references the words Na+ on the doors, signaling the car’s imminent arrival. sodium ion battery without giving further details. This battery comes from HiNa Battery Technologies, which presented a model based on JAC Group’s Sehol E10X earlier this year.

Jac EV3 2023 is it is also expected in Italy.

Many Jac EV3 2023 references

The JAC EV3 has a sleek, round design with a retro look. Front features two large circular lamps on both sides. The JAC EV3 will be available in several body color options including white, beige, grey, green and purple.

Depending on the version, the car offers different windshield styles, front grille, wing mirror and mouth options. The shape of the rear lights recalls that of the front lights, and the stop light is placed in the upper part. The JAC branding can be seen on the rear center of the car, while the EV3 logo is displayed on the lower right of the image in white work.

Interior a young and youthful design with orange accents. It features a full LCD instrument cluster, a movable main control screen and a flat-bottom steering wheel with two speakers. Screen dimensions are not specified by the manufacturer. The cabin has a generous area of ​​soft material, which provides maximum comfort.