New Kia Ray 2023, a city car surprisingly revealed which is also very attractive in terms of price (10,000 euros)

New Kia Ray 2023, a city car surprisingly revealed which is also very attractive in terms of price (10,000 euros)

Kia presented a new electric version of its city car Ray in South Korea. The Kia Ray Electric has an attractive and sophisticated design, which follows Kia’s design philosophy of “Joy for Reason”, one of the four pillars of the automaker’s “Opposites United” design philosophy.

The car has a compact but tall shape, ensuring abetter management of indoor space. Its modern and sexy aesthetic has been achieved through the use of flowing and clean lines, while the appearance of the car is emphasized by the absence of the traditional front grille, and the presence of a row of LED headlights. Let’s dive into the specs:

  • Kia Ray 2023: many interesting points
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Kia Ray 2023: many interesting points

Kia achieved significant sales results in the domestic market, namely South Korea, thanks to its Ray city car, which was revised in 2022. The features that make it attractive are its unmatched configuration and design based on Kia’s Joy for Reason philosophy, which makes it refined and physical. Ray has a height of 3.59 meters and a height of 1.7 metersand is available in a regular petrol version and an electric version with a light weight of 16.4 kWh and a range of 138 km. The car is suitable for four adults and has a small boot space, but it is suitable for short trips.

The front end of the car features the distinctive Starmap Signature Lighting while the flat, angular design provides the perfect contrast to the bodywork. A protective plate placed under the bumper adds a more attractive feature. Ray has the equipment 15-inch alloy wheels and a new 4.2-inch LCD cluster design in the cockpit, adding a modern image to the car.

The Kia Ray was originally introduced in the Asian market in 2011 and builds synergy with other Kia models, such as Picanto. Although the introduction of the Ray in Europe may take some time, the car seems to be an important addition to the part of the city caroften overlooked by other producers.

Who cares about the Kia Ray 2023

The latest version of the Kia Ray city car it has shown great success in the domestic market, gaining the attention of some of the British media and arousing interest in the possibility of its introduction to the European market. This small car, with a length of 3.59 meters and a height of 1.7 meters, was designed on the basis of the Picanto platform, and was produced in a gasoline version of 76 HP and 95 Nm, with an average of about 13 km / l in the combined cycle. and in the electric version of 67 HP, with a battery of 16.4 kWh and a range of about 138 km.

Ray’s design was made in accordance with Kia’s design philosophy of Fun for a Reason, with a modern, flat-angled style that contrasts perfectly with the bodywork. The front part has the “Starmap Signature Lighting” lighting system, while the front side, without the actual radiator grille, has the “Tiger Face” logo, expanded horizontally and vertically.

Its design is completed by highlighted sides and the presence of 15-inch alloy wheels, and in addition lower protective plate at the bottom of the bumper.

Considering the current situation of the European market, Kia can consider Ray as an adequate answer. With a starting price around 10,000 euros for the gasoline version sold in Korea, and the possible introduction of a successor to Hyundai Casper An electric car based on the same platform as Ray, the Korean automaker may be able to replace European manufacturers in the lower market segments.

Although it is not yet confirmed whether the Ray will be sold in Europe, Italy may be a promising marketgiven that the company’s electric vehicles are particularly popular with the Italian public.