New – Lexus Design Award 2023

Lexus returns to the Milan Design Week in Milan in the form of the art exhibition “Shape and Air” by New York artist Suchi Reddy, based on the Lexus Electrified Sport model. The four winners of this year’s Lexus Design Awards with the motto “Shaping the Future” are also present and presenting examples of their innovations.

The Lexus exhibition is located in the Milan Superstudio and can be visited until April 23, 2023. On the site we meet the four winners of the Lexus Design Award 2023, which is presented for the 11th time. From a total of 2,068 submissions from 63 countries, four ideas entered in the counseling program. With the help of Lexus, the innovation is brought to a prototype stage which, after refinement, can later go into real production.

The concepts should aim to address global challenges facing society and provide recommended solutions for a sustainable future, according to Lexus’ motto “Design for a better tomorrow”.

First we meet Pavels Hedstrm (Sweden, living in Denmark), who presents his invention “Fog-X”, a jacket that can be transformed into a “fog collection station” to collect up to ten liters of water per day, even in the driest regions of the world producing . Built in, this also provides sun protection to the wearer. An app that uses weather data to show when fog is most likely is also included.

Jiaming Liu (China) will present a non-electric 3D printed humidifier that can be produced sustainably from recycled ceramic waste. Just fill with water and wait a bit, the rest is done automatically.

The two young people from Time Office (Vincent Lai, Singapore and Douglas Lee, Canada, living in the United States) present a kind of 3D puzzle system that enables visually impaired people to feel what the environment around them looks like. This system can also be used as an alternative method of teaching in schools. Instead of just studying what a mountain range looks like, you can combine it properly and thus creatively recreate the landscape.

Personally, however, we were more impressed by the idea of ​​Kyeongho Park and Yejin Heo (Korea), who developed the “Zero Bag”, a plastic-like packaging made from algae material, which allows clothing or food to be sealed. .

For example, you can only put the clothes that come with this water-soluble packaging and that have some detergent added to the washing machine to get clean, chemical-free clothes without external dirt from the packaging right after the washing process.

The same applies to food that comes with “Baking Soda”, cook dishes including packaging in hot water and enjoy without producing more waste.

In the exhibition “Shaped by Air” by Suchi Reddy, we admire the artwork that is inspired by the shapes of the Lexus super sports car model “Electrified Sport” and finally gives the idea of ​​the silhouette of the Electric Sports. They are arranged with light and green leaf-like cuttings that symbolize the movement of nature. In Milan, these forms hang from the ceiling like mobiles: they are reminiscent of the car design and details of the artist Henri Matisse.

From the four winners, one overall winner will be chosen from the audience again, this can be done on the website. If you can’t make it to the site, you can also vote online until April 24, 2023 for the overall winner at:, each visitor will get two votes!

Mike Neumann / center

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