New Lexus RX 2023 with Full Hybrid and Plug-in engines

New Lexus RX 2023 with Full Hybrid and Plug-in engines

Here’s a new one Lexus RX Hybridfollowing the tradition of the Japanese group, House of luxury cars The Toyota family gives a more recent example of his cross which is the only hybrid: A complete hybrid or Hybrid plugins.

New design, a new engine and a man with more marks. L’reliability and consistency they are the same as always, as they represent the successful ingredients of the Japanese house.

Lexus RX 2023: Japanese style and luxury

New large grille The inverted trapeze, more pronounced but integrated into the bumper, is perhaps the most visible feature of the new one. Lexus RX 2023. The design takes the line of the previous series, but interprets it with a new twist more severe behavior and at the same time not heavy, more muscle but not messy.

Signature Lexus style and elegance come here raised and the presentation of the new formula that will be the next cars of the Japanese manufacturer.

The car saves height Of 4.89 meters but, due to increased wheelbase and wider tracks compared to Lexus RX 2022, the new version gets strength it is sportsmanship which catches the eye at first sight, making it very attractive.

These improvements have been achieved through the use of new GA-K platformalready adopted by Lexus NX and later lengthened, to be adapted to the specifications of the new Lexus RX Hybrid.

The effect of suspended roofintended as the hallmark of the Lexus RX style, it is based on dark shadow which runs and follows the line of windows behind.

Lexus RX Hybrid engines

Lexus RX plug-in (PHEV, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is a new item that joins the classic hybrid version A complete hybrid (HEV, Hybrid Electric Vehicle) classic of the House.

A “small” engine is RX350hAn old Complete hybrid that takes a four cylinders gasoline powered by 2.5 litersbeside him two electric motors to the full force of 250 hp.

There RX450h+new for 2023, it is Plug-in hybrid rechargeable plug-in. It is a major technological advance in hybrid terms and combines the same petrol engine with a more powerful electric motor to the full force of 309 hp.

Get a bigger battery, out 18.1 kWh which helps ensure afreedom of driving a car in a clean electric way 80 kilometers (on paper, of course around 50)

Lexus RX Engine, Powertrain and Battery

A more functional version, even if it’s not a bad sports car, it is RX500hA Complete Hybrid introducing a four-cylinder turbo petrol Of 2.4 liters.

A more powerful electric motor and a automatic gearbox and a “traditional” six-speed gearbox (instead of the usual gearbox with two bevel gears and a V-belt of other versions), for total power well 371 hp.

The interior of the new Lexus RX

There’s everything you need on this new board Lexus RX Hybridnothing is missing from the membership level.

The Japanese symbol for efficiency And utility actions is used for letters, putting the Japanese brand’s idea of ​​beauty, luxury and hospitality behind. Interior design of little soulIt meets the needs of a modern, full-size car modern technologies.

ifsound system can be customized with refined Hi-Fi of Mark LevinsonThe seats can pass the weather, thanks to the use of perforated skin which especially in the summer helps to sweat and avoid the sweat shirt behind. Even of the steering wheel it could be heat upto leave for the winter.

We usually get a infotainment system The latest generation is connected with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (first used through Bluetoothwhile the second requires a cable).

The trunk has the ability to 615 literssensibly, taking into account the important dimensions of the car. For now they are not predicted Lexus RX Hybrid versions and 7 seats.

Lexus RX: price and market

If Lexus can boast, worldwide, more 3.5 million of RXs sold since launch 1999Its main footprint is strong and well-established on United Statesthe country where the Lexus brand was originally conceived (LEXUS – Luxury Shipping USA) and where its features are most appreciated shameless luxurywith road characteristics provided for comfort, as well as traditional Toyota reliability that allows a maximum value used in the market.

In Europe war is included German opponents which, along with technology, uses the gods brand and great impact on users with beautiful images, features that are clearly added sports road performance or voting for a greater comfort.

Lexus RX in Blue Color - Passenger Side

Lexus RX in Blue Color – Passenger Side

You can already order the new Lexus RX 2023, which price they leave, for 350h in Executive edition, from 80,000 euros. Version Plugins 450h+ has a starting price 89,000 eurosalways in Executive configuration.

Finally, sports 500h in the version F-Sport+top of the range, available for approx 99,000 euros list.