New Mini tested on snow and ice.  Premiere in 2023. Image in disguise

New Mini tested on snow and ice. Premiere in 2023. Image in disguise

The new Mini will be electric only. This is the fourth generation of this model, and even the fifth, if you also consider cars before BMW took over the brand. Now, the specifications of the three-door electric version have been released, which was tested in Sweden, so that the behavior of the whole car in extreme cold conditions can be investigated.

The manufacturer boasts that all electronics, batteries and the entire drive system show a high level of durability in extreme temperatures. During the tests, the engineers took into account the characteristics of the train, steering and chassis. The frozen lakes and snow-covered roads of the BMW test center in Arjeplog seem ideal for this purpose.

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The new Mini should be modified to give you driving pleasure, just like the previous models. The manufacturer also wants to make the most of the space inside the car. In other words, it should be like it was in every previous Mini.

The Mini Electric Mini will be the manufacturer’s first fully electric vehicle. In the future, a sports version of JCW will also be built, as well as modified.

The design of the car at the front is undergoing evolution, while at the back there will be more information, and the main change will be the lights, which, according to leaks and rumors, will take a triangular shape. However, we will know everything during the premiere in 2023.