New price potential of up to 73 percent with German stocks such as Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, Vonovia, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank and Co.

New price potential of up to 73 percent with German stocks such as Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, Vonovia, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank and Co.

Although the DAX is still at a high level of around 16,000 points, some German stocks still have more potential: Analysts, for example, confirm up to 74 percent upside potential for stocks such as Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, Vonovia, Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. . But there are also stocks that you might be better off selling. In collaboration with Roland Frank

This week, Porsche SE, Siemens Energy, Commerzbank, Munich Re and Siemens will publish their quarterly figures from the DAX. So they marked the end of this quarterly season in the DAX.

There will be no further quarterly figures for DAX companies in the coming week.

And here’s how analysts rate DAX stocks:

Up to 73 percent of the price possible with Vonovia, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom and Co.

Possible DAX price

Vonovia’s real estate segment still offers the biggest potential in the DAX. On average, analysts at Bloomberg recommend buying Vonovia shares with a price target of EUR 30.17 and thus a price probability of 72.64 percent. That’s a lot if you compare this ability to the second and third positions.

Because here they should follow Volkswagen with a price position of 42 percent and Zalando with 41 percent.

But Deutsche Bank stock also still offers great potential. Analysts set a price target of EUR 13.53, which implies a 38 percent upside potential for Deutsche Bank’s stock.

Also interesting for investors: The popular shares of Bayer and Deutsche Telekom also offer interesting possibilities in the DAX. Analysts see a 35 percent upside potential for Bayer shares and 22 percent for Deutsche Telekom shares.

Important: Bloomberg compiles analyst price targets for approximately 12 months. But not all analysts regularly revise stock targets.

But which stocks can investors still watch and which ones do analysts currently see little potential?

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Which DAX stocks are the best to watch?

On the other hand, analysts no longer see any opportunities for the share prices of Adidas, Beiersdorf and Henkel: They even estimate that the fair value is almost half a percent lower for Adidas, 2.7 percent lower for Beiersdorf and even 10.5 percent lower for Henkel.

With the current quarterly figures reported by German DAX stocks, investors should re-examine their positions carefully.

However, investors should not only look at the price potential, but also consult the general assessment of analysts. And you can find them in this article: Look at all 40 DAX stocks according to quarterly figures – buy or sell?

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