New Rc cars and used motorcycles are on the way and first releases, you only pay when you use the cars.

New Rc cars and used motorcycles are on the way and first releases, you only pay when you use the cars.

More and more Italians are adopting a pay-as-you-go or pay-as-you-go approach Rc car or motorcycle. This formula provides a fixed premium payment based on the number of kilometers you plan to travel with your vehicle during the year. If the user expects to travel a large number of kilometers, this option will not be the most appropriate option. But if the car is only used on weekends or for short trips, then this method is a cheap and effective solution. Let’s dig into the details:

  • How auto and motorcycle liability insurance works
  • First offers and TPL charges for cars and motorcycles in use

How auto and motorcycle liability insurance works

Low mileage car insurance is more convenient for those who travel up to max 5,000 kilometers per year and it can also be a useful option for those traveling up to 10,000. For those who exceed this threshold, a traditional auto liability policy will be more beneficial. This type of policy pays a fixed portion of the premium as a guarantee and a variable portion depending on the kilometers traveled during the year. The insurance company must be informed of the exact number of kilometers he has traveled, and for that a black box is installed in the car, ie a device capable of recording information related to the car, including the kilometers he has traveled.

This type of policy, known as pay-as-you-go, offers a fee proportional to the use of the vehicle. The policyholder pays a fixed portion of the premium as a guarantee for the duration of the policy, and then a variable portion based on kilometers traveled, identified by the black box. This type of policy is especially recommended for those who use their car sparingly, for example driving around the city every day from home to work, or for those who own a second car that is only used during the weekend or for short trips out of town.

First offers and TPL charges for cars and motorcycles in use

Car insurance provides a initial cost calculated based on the total number of estimated kilometers and driver for the whole year. The mileage recorder, i.e. the black box, confirms or possibly corrects the calculation made by the driver. The variable part of the payment, which is paid on the basis of kilometers traveled, includes pre-set usage bands. Initially, the driver must select a frequency that best matches his annual mileage forecast and pay a fixed fee based on that estimate. If the bus travels more kilometers than expected, additional costs will be charged.

BeRebel Software, owned by Unipol allows you to customize the payment when you go car insurance and simulate the cost. The insurance, which can be easily renewed every month, covers damage caused by natural events and guarantees roadside assistance in the event of an accident. If the driver loses the key, he is paid. The insurance premium has a fixed minimum amount at the beginning of the month and a variable adjustment at the end of the month, depending on the kilometers traveled. The device, provided free of charge, allows you to track the kilometers traveled and evaluate the driving style of the driver.

Porsche introduced usage-based car insurance in Germany. Offered by Porsche Versicherungsdienst, the Financial Services division of Porsche, Porsche Car Policy Flex takes into account the individual mileage of the customer, who pays a monthly premium and a surcharge for every kilometer he travels. There is no upfront payment required, billing occurs at the end of the month and the policy can be canceled monthly. You also do not need to report to the insurance company if your mileage changes.

Assigeco offers a more economical solution compared to traditional annual insurance, called Datafolio. The insurance policy covers 100% against any kind of mobility accident, costs a few cents per kilometer and is paid only when the owner of the vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, is on the road. Payment is made through a mobile app, without the need for an insurance broker. The software automatically detects the kilometers used during the trip and calculates the insurance payment at the end of the trip.