New record.  No electric vehicle has ever covered such a distance

New record. No electric vehicle has ever covered such a distance

Such a job and such a car …

In June 2022, Fiat boasted that it had achieved the impossible at its Arena del Futuro track in Chiari, Italy. The electric Fiat 500 that was riding on it drove over its surface without draining its battery. Miracles? Method! You can read more about this in a separate entry. Here, however, we will focus on the achievements from Israel. Israel electron It has only information that the representatives of the startup passed 1942.6 kilometers behind the wheel of a hassle-free electrician for a fee.

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Kilometer 1942.6 by electricity without stops under the charger

Israeli company Electreon said Thursday that it has broken the world record for the longest distance traveled by an electric car without stopping. However, it was not about squeezing the maximum capacity from the battery and ecodriving, but about presenting the possibility of technology that allows the charging of electric vehicles while driving.

To overcome the route with a length of 1942.56 kilometers took place 100 hoursit took place on a closed, circular track and required the participation of as many as 55 drivers. Together Toyota Rav4 PHEV (yes, a plug-in hybrid, not an electric BEV) consumed 241.7 kWh of energy.

Founded in 2013, Electreon works to develop a charging system for electric vehicles in motion using copper coils placed under the pavement. Energy is transferred from the electrical network to the road, and the system manages its communication with oncoming vehicles.

Receivers are placed on the floor of vehicles to transfer power directly to the engine and battery when the vehicle is moving. Such and similar systems are intended to eliminate the fears of drivers associated with a limited driving range and the need to stop frequently. We remind you that manufacturers of electric vehicles the castlethat the distance of 400-500 km is the maximum that the drivers of this type of car need.

The technology is not without flaws, but the interest is there

The downside of the technology is obvious: all vehicles traveling on the designated roads will have to have a responsible, proprietary Electreon solution. However, there is no shortage of people who love technology.

In December, Electreon announced that the technology would be used in Germany’s first ever wireless charging project. As part of it, a contract worth 3.2 million euros ($3.4 million) was signed to prepare an electric bus suitable for this.

Similar pilot projects will also be launched in Sweden and Italy, in cooperation with local governments.

Source: Electron