New Renault Arkana 2022: price, data sheet, specifications

New Renault Arkana 2022: price, data sheet, specifications

In our review of the new Renault Arcana 2022 you will find car accessories and prices, technical data, photos and videos of crossover test, as well as a limited view of the model appearance.

Features and prices of Renault Arkana 2022

Renault Arkana is available in four trim levels: Life, Drive, Style and Prime.

How high are the costs? According to the seller’s official website, the price of the New Renault Arcana 2022 ranges from € 30,800 to € 37,000.

Technical tests

Below are the main dimensions of the Renault Arkana 2022 in a new body for the Russian market.

The table contains the main parameters: dimensions, fuel consumption (ground), ground clearance, weight, trunk and tank volume, engine, transmission, vehicle type, driving performance, etc.


anatomy cross
car class crossover compact
length / width / height, mm 4545/1820/1565
wheel, mm 2721
Land permit (land permit), mm 208 (205 *)
load space volume, l 508 (409 *) / 1333 (1234 *)
Empty weight kg 1370 – 1571
Capacity of fuel tank, l 50

– for machines with all-wheel drive

engine and gear

engine type petrol petrol
volume, l 1.6 1.6
performance, HP 114 114
Torque, Nm 156 156
Type of gearbox mechanics dialect
number of gears 5
drive forward forward
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 12.4 15.2
High speed, km / h 183 172
fuel consumption, l
-City 9.2 9.0
– way 5.6 5.7
– mixed 7.1 6.9
Top Tip AI-95 AI-95
engine type petrol petrol
volume, l 1.6 1.3
performance, HP 114 150
Torque, Nm 156 250
Type of gearbox mechanics dialect
number of gears 5
drive Absolutely forward
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 13.3 10.2
High speed, km / h 180 191
fuel consumption, l
-City 9.9 9.1
– distance 6.4 6.0
– mixed 7.7 7.1
type of oil AI-95 AI-95
engine type petrol
volume, l 1.3
performance, HP 150
Torque, Nm 250
Type of gearbox dialect
number of gears
drive Absolutely
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 10.5
High speed, km / h 191
fuel consumption, l
-City 9.1
– distance 6.1
– mixed 7.2
type of oil AI-95

Renault Arkan 2022 is based on a new seasonal platform, which is the evolution of the “B0 bogie”. Approximately 55% of the chassis has new components, the ratio of high-strength steels in the crossover body is about 35%, the front cross member is made of hot metal.

The French coupé crossover has a total length of 4,545 mm and a wheel of 2,721 mm. Width and height are 1,820 mm and 1,565 mm, respectively. The counter weight is between 1,378 kg to 1,571 kg.

Renault Arkana is equipped with MacPherson struts front and rear member (4WD versions are equipped with multilever bar). The new model has a minimum clearance of 208 mm (205 mm for AWD). The angle of the approach is 21 °, the departure angle is 26 °, the trunk volume is 508 liters, and the backrests of the second column are closed down, the volume increases to 1,333 liters.

The new Arcana comes with a front wheel drive, but it is also available with all 4 × 4-i system and rear wheel clutch, which has three operating modes: 2WD, Auto and Lock.

In terms of dynamics, the Renault Arcana front-wheel drive accelerates from zero to one hundred in 10.2 seconds, and the Renault Arcana wheel drive in 10.5 seconds. Fuel consumption in joint operation is reported as 7.0 liters per 100 km, and the vehicle can be refueled with AI-92.

A simpler version of the model with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine developing 114 hp and 156 Nm of torque will be available in the future. The front wheel drive versions can be powered by a 5-speed gearbox or an old Jatco JF015E variant, while the AWD version is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox with original proportions.

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In addition to the six airbags, the driver and passengers also have round cameras, a cruise control with a speed controller and easy access to emergency monitoring.


Designer Laurens van den Acker was responsible for the outside of the new Renault Arcana 2022. The leading French brand artist was able to find “perfect harmony between the crossover character and the beauty of the sedan”.

In front of the car is a chrome grille with generous dimensions in the shape of a modified trapezoid. It has many horizontal fins and a large logo emblazoned with LED lighting fixtures.

The Renault Arkana lights are marked ‘Pure Vision’. Its narrow front lights have rectangular, focused lenses and delicate compartments of the ‘fang-shaped’ front-facing LED that radiate beyond the soft front panel. The latter has a large intake of medium air and round fog lamps on the side panels.

The Arcana is not a traditional cross, as it has a body of lifting style. When viewed from the side, the car is characterized by a slope and a slope of the roof with a raised trunk cover, unpainted plastic enclosures and pointed frames.

The back section has a narrow light with 3D effect. These are referred to as “Edge Light” and are connected visually using long brake lights. In the middle, a typical Renault rhombus is decorated, including the model name in capital letters.

The phone number section is located near the bottom of the plate. There are seven body styles available for the new Renault Arcana crossover: the car can be ordered in white, black, silver, dark gray, brown, brown-green or red.

The off-road vehicle has 17-inch wheels. There are three options for example: Two-tone Ortis, “delicate set” Celebris, and the Montis diamond cutting effect. When it comes to tires, the French have chosen the Bridgestone Dueler H / T.

car interior

Compared to the exterior, the interior of the New Renault Arcana is less emotional. The interior design is interesting, but irreverent. This is clearly seen in the design of the front apron, which has an 8.0-inch touch screen for the Easy Link flexible media system under compact ventilation slats in the middle.

This multimedia system supports Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Yandex.Auto, but is reserved for high-end designs only, with the core vehicles equipped with Radio Connect with smart mobile integration through the R&GO app.

The beautiful three-dimensional steering wheel of the New Renault Arcana 2022 has a slightly flat lower edge and is decorated with chrome inserts. It can not only change in direction and height, but it can also be hot.

In addition, all crossover seats are heated, high vibration and noise insulation (depending on the manufacturer) ensures transport comfort, and for audiophiles there is a premium optional audio system from Bose with eight speakers and a subwoofer.

You do not have to worry about ergonomics either. The French provided a large number of niches and rooms for small items – their total here is more than 20 liters.

Test drive video for the new Renault Arkana video