New Renault Captur 2022: price, data sheet, specifications

New Renault Captur 2022: price, data sheet, specifications

In our review of the new Renault Captur 2022 you will find car accessories and prices, technical data, crossover photos and video of the pilot car, as well as a limited view of the model’s appearance.

In late March 2016, the French manufacturer presented the Russian version of the Renault Captur crossover. Similar models and different technical equipment are sold in other markets under the Captur name. Our version differs from it in large body and large ground clearance.

The car was designed specifically for the Russian operating conditions on the basis of the Duster Crossover. Russian Renault engineers were involved in the development of the car and which can be felt and seen in many small details.

Features and prices of Renault Captur 2022

Renault Captur is available in Russia in four configurations: Life, Store, Edge and Style.

How high are the costs? According to the seller’s official website, the price of the new Renault Captur 2022 ranges from 18,325 euros to 35,575 euros.

Technical tests

Below are the main technical features of the Renault Kaptur / Renault Captur 2022 in a new body for the Russian market.

The table lists the most important parameters: external dimensions, fuel consumption (ground), ground clearance, weight, trunk and tank volume, engine, transmission, vehicle type, driving performance, etc.


anatomy cross
car class crossover compact
length / width / height, mm 4333/1813/1613
wheel, mm 2673
Land permit (land permit), mm 205
load space volume, l 387/1200
Empty weight kg 1262 – 1405
Capacity of fuel tank, l 52

engine and gear

engine type petrol petrol
volume, l 1.6 1.6
performance, HP 114 114
Torque, Nm 156 156
Type of gearbox mechanics dialect
number of gears 5
drive forward forward
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 12.5 12.9
High speed, km / h 171 166
fuel consumption, l
-City 9.3 8.6
– distance 6.3 6.0
– mixed 7.4 6.9
type of oil 95 95

engine and gear

engine type petrol
volume, l 1.3
performance, HP 150
Torque, Nm 250
Type of gearbox dialect
number of gears
drive Absolutely
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s 10.1
High speed, km / h 188
fuel consumption, l
-City 8.9
– distance 6.1
– mixed 7.1
type of oil 95

The new combination Renault Captur 2022 is based on the redesigned B0 platform, called Global Access. The five-door, five-seat model has the following dimensions: height – 4,333 mm, width – 1,813, height – 1,613, wheelbase – 2,673 and impressive ground clearance – 205-210 millimeters (depending on engine).

The volume of the boots is 387 liters as usual or 1,200 liters with the rear seats folded. The car weighs 1,262 to 1,405 kg (depending on the engine).

In the front, the Renault Captur has a free suspension with McPherson springs, while in the back there are two variants: the 1.6-liter version has half-suspension, while the 2.0-liter engine version has a stand-alone lever. . The brakes also depend on the engine – compressed disc brakes in both versions and drum or disc brakes in versions 1.6 and 2.0 liters respectively. The first has 215/65 R16 wheels and the second 215/60 R17.

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The model will be offered to customers with two gasoline engines: a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine running 114 hp and 156 Nm, and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder 16-valve engine running 143 hp and 195 Nm.

Four transmissions are available: 5-speed manual and 6-speed, 4-speed automatic and variomatic. The car is available with front wheel drive and all-wheel drive.


It is based on Clio and has some weaknesses that have been addressed by changing the Duster architecture and increasing its size and wheel at the same time. Of course, special mention is deserved for the two-color painting, which is probably offered for the first time in this price range.

Slope roof, triple drying and strong side relief immediately attract the eye. Although the Duster has the usual silhouette of an SUV when viewed from the side, the Renault Kaptur / Captur looks more like a small car with a pronounced off-road component.

The tail of all models is reminiscent of Pokemon style. Although Duster in these three looks more masculine from the back, he is not a teenager. From this vantage point, one immediately sees an expanded roof wreck, chrome accents glowing in the sun, and a low silver seal protruding over the bumper.

Finally, I would like to add that the new Renault Captur 2022 looks very young and very European.


A look inside the new Renault Capture reveals that it is no longer a Duster.

The front panel here has a completely different layout, higher quality, thoughtful and ergonomic. Seats in Captur are more comfortable, though not on the verge of perfection.

The instrument panel is similar to a periscope with a digital speedometer, asking the question why there is no cooling thermometer. The multimedia media system is a standard Media Nav, which does not provide much power and displays a low contrast screen with a bright finish.

The thresholds are covered with doors, making it easy to get in without getting your feet dirty. The situation in the back row is more or less normal – two people can sit comfortably (depending on the height of the car, of course), but a third person can be inferior.

Sure, in comparison to the Duster, the jump in interior design is huge, but the price of the Renault Captur is not the most expensive and the difference, it seems, addresses this change. After all, this is a compact and cost-effective crossover with a corresponding level of equipment. We have cheap oak plastic that many know from Logan, Sandero and Duster.

Renault Captur test drive video