New Skoda Kodiaq 2023, details and update overview of the high-end SUV at an attractive price.

New Skoda Kodiaq 2023, details and update overview of the high-end SUV at an attractive price.

Skoda has released information on the characteristics of second generation Kodiaq, including new styling, better engines and lots of new technology. In the official teaser, the car’s side profile reveals a signature LED headlight and a new taillight design that complements the bodywork. Although details are limited, the overall proportions seem to retain the same look as the current model. Let’s take a closer look:

  • New developments on Skoda Kodiaq 2023
  • Skoda Kodiaq 2023: reviews and prices

New developments on Skoda Kodiaq 2023

Skoda Kodiaq 2023, seven seater suv produced by the Bohemian carmaker, more than 740,000 units were sold and it is about to undergo a comprehensive redesign, maintaining the original formula. The new model was created at the Kvasiny plant in the Czech Republic on the MQB Evo platform, the same one used for the latest generation Octavia.

The new Kodiaq will have it same dimensions as the previous model, with a height of about 4.7 meters. The design of the car will have more rounded lines than before and a sportier rear end, highlighted by a more pronounced spoiler lip, thanks to the lowered hood and the sliding rear pillar.

The cockpit of Kodiaq 2023 it will present some of the solutions present in recent Skoda models, such as a clear display placed in the center of the dashboard. Roominess and performance will remain the main strengths of the car, which will benefit from a range of driver assistance systems thanks to the improved MQB Evo platform.

There the second generation Kodiaq it will also be the last to use endothermic engines. While this sector remains important to Casa della Freccia Alata, Skoda has been tasked with developing the three- and four-cylinder engines for the EA211 family from Volkswagen. The main news will be the introduction of hybrid, micro-hybrid and plug-in engines, as well as traditional petrol and diesel options.

After at least seven years of life and a mid-career facelift, the Kodiaq will give way to an all-electric model, inspired by Vision 7S concept and about 4.9 meters long. This fully electric model, also with seven seats, will differ from the last Kodiaq also with a completely different design. Skoda plans introduce a new model in 2026and then gradually replace the entire range with fully electric vehicles.

Skoda Kodiaq 2023: reviews and prices

Skoda is engaged in an ambitious electrification project, with the aim of launching six new models all electric models by 2026. The Czech automaker said internal combustion vehicles and plug-in hybrid powertrains will continue to be an important part of its lineup as it transitions to all-electric mobility.

To meet the needs of customers, Skoda will also offer New Kodiaq 2023 and electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines. Although there is no precise information about the new power plug-in, it is likely to have a battery with a larger capacity than the current system. The best PHEV. Both models will take significant steps forward in terms of safety and technology. The expected price of the new car will be around 40,000 euros.