New sporting format delivers exceptional Qualifying ahead of Desert … – Extreme E

New sporting format delivers exceptional Qualifying ahead of Desert … – Extreme E

The inaugural event of the pioneering electric SUV racing series Extreme E delivered an exceptional Qualifying session, recently held in the desert of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. The new sporting format, which consists of a competition of teams in equalized electric SUVs, provided an intense atmosphere as the drivers jostled for the best positions.

The Qualifying was split into two heats, allowing the teams to battle it out for the 8 spots in the semi-finals. Both heats were fiercely contested, with the teams and drivers pushing their vehicles to the limit in order to qualify for the semi-finals. The pace was electrifying, with each team vying for the quickest time.

The competition was held over a challenging terrain, which included sand dunes, rock formations and gravel. This provided an additional difficulty for the drivers, with the terrain proving to be unpredictable and demanding. The drivers had to be precise and precisein order to navigate the terrain and make the most of their vehicle’s capabilities.

The Qualifying session saw the drivers put in a top-notch performance, with some exceptional times being set. The final standings saw Abt Cupra XE Team’s Cristina Gutierrez take first place, followed by Hispano Suiza Xite Energy Team’s Jenson Button in second and Veloce Racing’s Jamie Chadwick in third.

The semi-finals and finals will take place on April 10th and 11th, with the teams competing for the top spot in this highly competitive series. With the Qualifying session proving to be so intense, it promises to be an enthralling competition.

Extreme E has provided a thrilling spectacle for motorsport fans, with the new format offering an exciting experience. The exceptional Qualifying session has set the stage for an intense and thrilling competition, with the teams and drivers sure to bring their A-game.