New Tesla manufacturing systems in Germany and the United States>

New Tesla manufacturing systems in Germany and the United States>

Tesla’s new factories in Grünheide, Germany and Austin, Austin, USA, which officially opened in late March and early April, are starting to gain momentum. For German Gigafactory, Tesla recently reported Model Ys 1,000 produced in one week, and the second in the United States is said to reach this size. However, at least ten times more is planned in each case – and preparations for this are underway in both factories.

The court allows Tesla to drive piles

In Grünheide they already started this May. The Giga plant near Berlin should get another media line, and for this around 1200 more piles should be operated on the sandy soil of Brandenburg. It had to be dug, but Tesla decided to put 210 piles in place. On the other hand, the local water community complained because this method uses square piles instead of round ones, which affect the flow of groundwater. On Thursday, however, the administrative court in Frankfurt / Oder rejected the emergency request. in a press release statement.

Nothing prevents further construction in Grünheide at the moment – however, the process requested by Tesla for the east expansion of the Gigafactory site is not progressing well. It’s okay in Texas. The property there still leaves a lot of space for further construction, some of which have already begun. But first and foremost, Tesla is now allowed to install new production equipment in the existing main building.

The application, and then their approval, was posted by observers on Twitter this week. Because it mentions 500,000 square feet (about 46,000 square meters) of new building space, some thought Tesla was planning another new building. However, local filmmaker Joe Tegtmeyer thought that domestic work was planned. According to the registration, it is an extension of “GA 2 and 3”, that is, two additional lines of the last meeting. There would still be room for this in the already existing Gigafactory building: In Tesla’s infographic for the opening, about a third was set aside for “future production”.

All gigafactories will grow bigger after launch

Either way, it is clear that both Gigafactory’s new projects are far from complete. China has also been expanding rapidly since its launch in early 2020, and it is reported that Tesla plans to suspend July with major adjustments that will increase production to Model 3 1 million and Model Ys per year. According to information received by received in mid-May, production at Grünheide should also be stopped at the beginning of the month for process changes so that it can be accelerated. In addition, domestic production of drives, which have so far been sourced from China, should start soon.