New York City sues Hyundai and Kia: their cars are too easy to steal

New York City sues Hyundai and Kia: their cars are too easy to steal

New York City they want to bring Hyundai and Kia in court because their cars would be very easy to steal. Exactly, depending on what report Know 24 hoursfollowing those in Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, San Diego and Seattle, the local administration is allegedly suing the two automakers. negligence and public nuisance.

Within the complaint, filed in federal court in ManhattanNew York City mourns failed to install between 2011 and 2022 on most of their vehicles by the two Korean companies of special anti-theft devices which prevents starting the engine and the keys as opposed to that which is associated, included immobilizers. A situation that actually represents almost a unique compared to competitors.

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For administration, the lack of Hyundai and Kia would be “clearly – report Know 24 hoursdoors to car theft, crime, reckless driving and public harm“. In detail, compared to 2021, the car theft of the two major Korean companies last year would be. twiceincrease this year even in height 977 incidents were reported from January to Aprilagainst i 148 of the same period of 2022. In the face of this huge increase, they are instead dtheft of Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Honda and Toyota vehicles decreased.

Hyundai and Kia, which New York City is seeking an unspecified amount in damages and punitive damages today, have already reached out. $200 million settlement in consumer class action lawsuit over theft. Specifically, the case in question involved approximately nine million American car owners and awarded up to $145 million in damages from stolen vehicles. In February, the two Korean companies confirmed that they would make it available to customers software updates for approximately 8.3 million vehicles sold in the US without immobilizers.