Next example: Delivery of new Cadillac LMDh / FIA WEC

Next example: Delivery of new Cadillac LMDh / FIA WEC

American manufacturer Cadillac will also be working with the LMDh race car from 2023. The car, built by Dallara in Italy, has now passed through a shakedown. Earl Bamber was behind the wheel.

The model game is currently in full swing: Peugeot is taking part for the first time in the 9X8 race at the WEC in Monza this weekend. A few days ago, Ferrari tested its new car and Porsche has now officially launched 963. Now Cadillac is following suit. The American brand completed the shakedown with the new LMDh. The car is powered by a V8 engine with a 5.5-liter transmission. Power is around 680 hp. Overall, the car looks less interesting than the conceptual study shown a few weeks ago.

“It’s great to see the whole team’s diligence and skill bear fruit,” said Kalvin Parker, Assistant Program Manager, Cadillac Race. “The 2023 season promises to be one of the most competitive ever. So we look forward to further developing the race car with more trials on the road, and the driver’s opinion and on the wind road.

Earl Bamber was behind the wheel of the Cadillac LMDh. “It was an exciting feeling to get in the car for the first time and feel what the future holds,” he muttered to the New Zealander. “A lot of work has gone into race cars. I can’t wait to see him fly next season.”

Cadillac wants to not only run LMDh in the US IMSA, but also compete in the WEC. There you will find LMH (Le Mans Hypercar) from Glickenhaus, Peugeot, Ferrari and Toyota as well as LMDh from Porsche.

Model according to LMDh structure has less technical independence than LMH. The vehicle should be built on LMP2 chassis (Ligier, Oreca, Dallara, Multimatic). The hybrid system is also not on the shelf at LMDh and is not built indoors. Both concepts have been reduced to the duration of the cycle through Performance Balance (BoP).