Next-Gen Acura NSX Could Go Electric

Next-Gen Acura NSX Could Go Electric

The latest generation of the NSX It just rolled off the production lines. At first it was believed that this would be the end of the Japanese Ferrari, but everything indicates that its history will continue, but adapting to the new electric era.

And it is that during the unveiling of the Precision EV Conceptour colleagues from MotorTrend They were able to talk with Jon Ikeda, Acura vice president who hinted that the NSX won’t go away entirely, and that it will morph into an electric car.

In fact, the manager assured that the brand will not give up the fun of driving vehicles, even in the case of zero emission vehicles.

“We’re fun to drive. You can expect fun things to happen. Anything that comes out of a Honda or Acura has to be fun to drive. Electrification is another means of propulsion.”said.

While he did not confirm or deny the future of the NSX, he did say that the current hybrid model taught engineers what they could.”to do with electricity for fun, and we’re very confident about going into an electrified world and having a lot of acting.”

The first generation NSX appeared in 1990 and was in production until 2005. For its part, its hybrid successor did the same between 2016 and 2022, saying goodbye with a version Type S.

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