NHTSA investigation after a serious Tesla crash> teslamag.de

NHTSA investigation after a serious Tesla crash> teslamag.de

The partnership with Tesla is good, said the new head of the American traffic safety agency NHTSA recently, after a series of autopilot system procedures this year gave the impression that the company was targeted. However, that reputation does not change the fact that the authorities are now investigating another accident in which Tesla’s aide may be responsible. There were also two similar incidents this week that also killed people.

3 serious accidents involving Tesla

On Thursday, according to US media, NHTSA announced it had begun a special crash investigation in California in early June, in which a man in a Tesla Model 3 left after crossing a red light and molding and crashing. pedestrian. The woman died and the driver was arrested on drug charges. However, special investigations are part of the NHTSA concern with advanced driver support systems, which began in 2016 after a fatal crash involving the Tesla Model S in Florida; reported Bloomberg agency.

In addition, another Tesla crash happened in the same situation this week, which is a bad memory of 2016. For unknown reasons, two people in a Model S stormed a truck parked in the rest area of ​​a highway. In pictures by Fox35 it seemsthat the red Tesla pushed itself under the trailer to the B column. The driver and his passengers died. According to a Reuters report, NHTSA is also aware of the incident and claims to be in touch with Tesla about it.

Thus, despite the correlation of the 2016 case where the Model S ran under a crossing truck, it is unclear whether the agent sees evidence of previous Autopilot use. The same situation applies to another serious accident involving Tesla in the USA. He died on Thursday according to msn The motorcyclist was hit from behind by a Tesla Model Y on a highway near Los Angeles. The driver of the electric vehicle was not injured.

Autopilot governs specific diagnostics

Previous backlogs involving Teslas and stationary emergency vehicles, which they say have been proven to be automatic, prompted NHTSA to launch a preliminary investigation last August (photo above shows one in Connecticut from 2019). As of June, five more cases have been added and the process has moved on to the next step, making it possible for a reversal. A special investigation into the current pedestrian accident in California may also authorize material for this. According to Bloomberg, until recently, there were a total of 45 such procedures related to the possibility of co-accident accidents, with Tesla reportedly involved in only nine of them.