Nigerian gets Lamborghini Aventador as a gift for his 10th birthday

Nigerian gets Lamborghini Aventador as a gift for his 10th birthday

At 6, Mompha Mdogo. the keys to his first house from his father, but on his 10th birthday, a sports car worth about € 350,000 has been unlocked at least as big. At least, several sources report that, but it could also be a marketing problem with his father, Ismailia Mustapha, better known as ‘Mompha’.

Son of a Nigerian network celebrity

Muhammed Awal Mustapha, popularly known as Mompha Jr., is considered the youngest millionaire in the world and this is no doubt related to the environment in which he grew up. Mustapha’s father, aka Sky Man, is a Nigerian network celebrity and entrepreneur. With his Instagram feed, he poses for personal jets, in front of overcrowded cars and shares photos and videos of watches and money tablets.

If he accumulated his wealth in a just manner it will still be seen. In January this year, the controversial businessman was still detained at a correctional facility awaiting bail after being charged with fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). If replaced, more than 12 million Euros would be involved.

Mompha Jr. gets a Lamborghini Aventador as a gift

Meanwhile, she has ruined her 10-year-old son with various luxury cars. On her 10th birthday, her father posted a picture of her baby posing in front of a yellow Lamborghini Aventador: “Having a baby like you is the reason to look forward to life. Your smile is also the reason for our constant Happiness. “We love you !!! Happy Birthday son. Mohammed Awal is 10 years old, reading the notes.