Nikodem Wierzbicki wins the Road to Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge 2022

Nikodem Wierzbicki wins the Road to Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge 2022

In the final qualifying round, many competitors were under pressure to place or “shoot the tape” in order to secure a position that would give them promotion to this year’s Polish Digital Motorsport Championship. Only Marcin Rybaczuk (Pachura Moto Center E-Sports) and Nikodem Wierzbicki (WRS Competition and Prime Racing) could approach the Watkins Glen race calmly – thanks to good performances in previous fights, no one can deny themselves a place in the best eleven. Road to Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland.

The fastest finisher was Daniel Libront (Mad Dog PACT). The second place went to Michał Bulak – he did not start in the first round in Zolder, and in the next two starts he had trouble getting a large number of points. Watkins Glen, New York, preferred him more than his predecessors. Piotr Śmiałek had the worst time trial during the Qualifiers, finishing third. Right behind him in the results was Patryk Sokołowski (Carbon Simsport), one of the simracers hoping for a miracle that would allow him to participate in this year’s edition of the Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland.

In the first race, Libront was slightly overtaken at the start, which allowed Bulak to take the lead in the first corner. Sokołowski jumped in front of Śmiałek. Wierzbicki was eighth in qualifying, but has traditionally shown that he does better in races than in single laps. Already in the third round, he was in fourth place. When he got to the chicane, Libront was able to squeeze in front of Bulak, thus getting the lead. Wierzbicki was driving even in third place for a while, but he underestimated Sokołowski’s attack and fell to him. The leaders drove calmly for most of the race. In the last round, Bulak unsuccessfully tried to become the leader of the Bus Station. Wierzbicki, who found himself ahead of Sokołowski, did better. Śmiałek was also looking for his place. There was not enough space for him and it ended up turning his rival from Carbon Simsport, which also led to the loss of Daredevil himself. Daniel Libront reached the finish line beating Michał Bulak and Nikodem Wierzbicki. The collision between Śmiałek and Sokołowski made Marcin Rybaczuk and Mirosław Nastalczyk (Gray Wolf Racing Team) complete the top five.

The first row at the start of the second race belonged to the Hyperion Motorsport drivers. Jakub Żerdzicki (Hyperion Motorsport by UniRacers BLACK) fell behind Krystian Nalepa (Hyperion Motorsport by UniRacers PINK) after the lights went out, followed by Kuba Bluj (Hyperion Motorsport by UniRacers BLACK). Nalepa and Żerdzicki exchanged the lead in the first few meters of the race, but after completing the chicane speed, he began to control Nalep as the leader. Libront lost control of the rear of his car and flew straight into Rybaczuk, who was trying to avoid him, denying himself and his chances of a good result. Wierzbicki was regaining the overall positions in the first laps. At the start of the second lap he was third after Bluj’s attack. Still in this circle, the competitor of the WRS Championship beat Żerdzicki, who shortly after was also left behind Bluj by Konrad Żerebiec (Pachura Moto Center E-Sports).

Nalepa defended the lead at all costs, which allowed them to catch Wierzbicki and the Chase group led by Bluj. Żerebiec attacked Bluj too optimistically, sending him straight into the tires and losing a valuable position himself. Wierzbicki’s chance to take the lead appeared on lap five, but when he passed Nalepa after contact, he put him back in front on the grid. The fight between Bulak and Żerdzicki was not very prestigious. The first of them braked too late and hit the opponent’s car. Nalepa and Wierzbicki followed each other for a long time, but in the end the Hyperion Motorsport rider had to recognize the superiority of his rival.

Nastalczyk also had an opportunity in the next circle. Nalepa now had to defend himself against Sokołowski. In the ninth lap, the boss of Carbon Simsport squeezed in front of his rival, pushing him beyond the racing line, which was also used by Rafał Szołtysek (Mad Dog PACT). Sokołowski was driving a fantastic race and after the initial problems he was driving in second place despite Nastalczyk’s attempts to defend himself. In the end, he even managed to become a leader, but only for a while. Wierzbicki did not plan to give up the position easily, which led to a little contact with Sokołowski’s accident. Bulak turning Żerebec also fought mercilessly. Nikodem Wierzbicki was the first to cross the finish line, but the final result was decided by the judges’ decisions caused by the drivers’ protest. Mirosław Nastalczyk, second at the finish line, received the biggest penalty, a fifteen-second penalty. Wierzbicki was also penalized, which gave Rafał Szołtysek the win. Michał Bulak was placed second ahead of Wierzbicki, Krystian Nalepa and Mateusz Drozda (Satellite Race).

Michał Bulak scored the most points from Watkins Glen. However, it was not enough to be promoted to the Polish Digital Motorsport Championship. Nikodem Wierzbicki returned to the leading position and won the first edition of the Polish Digital Motorsport Championship. D Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland qualified:

  1. Nikodem Wierzbicki – WRS Racing and Prime Racing
  2. Marcin Rybaczuk – Pachura Moto Center E-Sports
  3. Piotr Śmiałek – private driver
  4. Daniel Libront – Mad Dog’s PACT
  5. Kuba Bluj – Hyperion Motorsport and UniRacers BLACK
  6. Konrad Żerebiec – Pachura Moto Center E-Sports
  7. Miłosz Węgrecki – Carbon Simsport MPDM
  8. Jakub Żerdzicki – Hyperion Motorsport and UniRacers BLACK
  9. Mateusz Tyszkiewicz – DV1 TRITON RACING JOKER
  10. Mirosław Nastalczyk – Gray Wolf Racing Team
  11. Mateusz Drozda – Satellite Tournament

The third season in the history of Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland, namely the Polish Digital Motorsport Championship, will start after the summer break – September 8 at the Hungaroring. After that, the drivers will visit the real Sebring, Interlagos, Suzuka, Mount Panorama and the Red Bull Ring. All races will be telecast live on ELEVEN SPORTS TV channel.

Road redistribution for round 4 to PESCP 2022:

Ragnar Simulator is the organizer and promoter of the Road to Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland, a circuit played as part of the 2022 Polish Digital Motorsport Championship, entered into the official calendar of the Polish Automobile Association. The event is sponsored by Porsche Polska. Media clients are ELEVEN SPORTS and Auto Świat. The technical partner is iRacing.