Nina saw Spanbroek’s abduction unfold: “She was pushed into the car and screamed loudly”

Nina saw Spanbroek’s abduction unfold: “She was pushed into the car and screamed loudly”

It is the ‘talk of the town’ this morning, the kidnapping of a man yesterday in broad daylight in the middle of Spanbroek. Nina was working in a clothing store yesterday when she saw everything happening so quickly.

Nina saw the kidnapping of Spanbroek happen – NH News

“I think this is really happening?”, says Nina about the kidnapping. He was working in a clothing store in Herenweg. Around two and a quarter, he saw the abduction happening suddenly. holding hands and his waist very strong. There was a second person who put it on the line. He couldn’t move.”

Shopkeeper Marcel is also aware of the kidnapping. “I was busy in the store, and I thought: what a fuss. And when I went to check, they had already left. It seems it went very quickly,” he says. “With a loud scream, he was pushed into the car,” says Nina.

“He was pushed into the car with a loud noise”

Nina – a merchant clothing store

Because it all happened so fast, Nina doesn’t know what kind of car she was pushed into. “I think Volkswagen, but there are many of them.” In any case, they did not recognize the men, nor did he hear if anything was said between the men and the language they spoke.

In a small village it is not full of cameras, like in a city. “I know there is one camera, and that photo has also been shared on social networks,” says Marcel.

The first party?

Police will release a photo of the abductee tonight. Comments on Facebook joke about a possible bachelor party. But says a police spokesman: “We don’t just distribute pictures in the middle of the night.” Shopkeepers who have seen the surveillance footage are convinced that the man did not leave voluntarily.

“Sometimes we say jokingly: something is happening here. But this is not the intention.”

Marcel – shopkeeper

Police say there is an absolute urgency, but they still know little. “We are really in the dark and we are very worried about the man,” the police said.

Discussion of the day

In small and always quiet Spanbroek, kidnapping is not uncommon. “To say the least, it was special to see this happen. You don’t see anything like that here in Spanbroek,” says Nina.

Marcel sees that it is a constant conversation. “Every customer that comes in is talking about it. Nothing happens here, so it’s big news right away.”

“Sometimes we say jokingly: something is happening here. But this is not the intention. I can say that we are angry.”

The kidnapping also concerns the mayor Gerard van den Hengel today. “I’m very shocked, I’m sorry and I’m hoping for a good outcome.”


Police are looking for witnesses or people who have more information about the abduction. They can report through Meld Misdaad Anoniem or the regular number 0900-8844

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