Nissan: 100,000 X-Trails are sold in France!

Nissan: 100,000 X-Trails are sold in France!

The large family SUV at the top of the Nissan range, the X-Trail has enjoyed great success in France since its first generation was launched in 2000. A significant milestone today: the 100,000th model has recently been sold in France.

X-Trail at Nissan has an old story, which started in 2000 and the launch of the very first generation. At the time, Nissan was looking for a successor to its large 4X4 Terrano II, launched in 1993. To put all the odds on its side, it replaces it with a large SUV, more oriented towards comfort than towards a pure crossing: Route X. Since then it has been a great success, found in three additional generations in 2007, 2013 and 2021, making way in 2008 for the younger brother: the Qashqai, whose success is well-documented. The fourth and current generation of the X-Trail is not a simple XL version of the Qashqai. It has its own lookwhich gives more dignity and maturity…

A successful market to move forward

The rear profile is more vertical than that of the previous X-Trail. For designers, it is a way of saying there is space inside for the whole family and luggage. On board, it’s actually quite spacious, front and rear. With these internal factors, Nissan shows a leap forward in terms of aesthetics. It is made very beautifully, rather than horizontally, and things remain above all ergonomic. Everything on the screen, is not here! The device is an upgrade from the basic versionand the further up the market you go, the more you enter the world of high-tech, with a 12.3” touch screen, digital dashboard and all possible assistance systems.

100,000 X-Trails sold in France

Available in France with two engines. First of all hybrid called e-Power and launched with the Qashqai. Here, the 1.5L petrol engine it carries has nothing to do with the wheels. It actually serves as a generator that uses a small 2.1 kWh battery, which in turn drives the electric vehicle. This system produces 204 hp. It comes next the e-Power e-Force 4WD version, which adds to all this a second electric motor, on the rear axle. The whole thing claims 213 hp and 500 Nm. So there are many options! This high market and these technical innovations have allowed the X-Trail to continue its good pace: the milestone of 100,000 copies sold in France since 2000 has just been crossed. ! A big prize, while Nissan is not the manufacturer in the best shape on the French market…

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