Nissan Ariya – The Second Electric Chapter

Nissan Ariya – The Second Electric Chapter

Now Jani is not alone anymore. Twelve years after the debut of the first electric Nissan, he gets a brother. In terms of trends, the Ariya is an SUV, or rather a crossover with a coupé-like roofline that slopes down. The design and style identify it without a doubt as a relative of the – at the same time relatively electric – Qashqai.

Power steering should be redefined by Ariya. But he stands on the new electric drive platform (CMF-EV, also carries the electric Renault Mégane), is a front-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive. Length 4.595 meters. Up to five people should sit comfortably on the wheel of 2.775 meters, and at least 468 (front-wheel drive) or 415 (4×4) liters are available for luggage.

It weighs from 1.8 to 2.3 tons. Weights are carefully distributed, with all-wheel drive in a ratio of 50:50, in front-wheel drive the balance is exactly the same. The battery makes a decisive contribution to this: It is particularly compact in terms of height. The capacity is either 66 or 91 kWh (each gross, net: 63 or 87 kWh). This results in 218, 242 or 306 hp, depending on the case. All-wheel drive (called e-4ORCE) is only available with a powerful battery and high performance.

Ariya – that means: Power steering redefined! Elisabeth Schaljo, spokeswoman for Nissan Austria

In any case, none of the versions are vulnerable to vulnerabilities. However, the electric power is implemented less in the form of sports than in the form of melting. During the first tests in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen, Ariya appeared to be a smooth performer all around. This includes a new type of tuning setup, it doesn’t work too bad, it’s almost invisible and still effective. The e-Pedal stops as soon as the speed drops below 10 km/h, then you have to lock yourself.

It’s not just that Nissan wants to open a new electric face. In addition to the gentle development of driving power – in the 218 hp model with a 63 kWh battery – as well as the modification of the chassis aimed at comfort, you should live well in the interior, the sales department talks about the living room. This includes the length (1.66 meters), which is quite impressive from the point of view of sufficient ground clearance, which allows air head room.

Nissan writes up to 533 kilometers on the mileage page. Depending on the battery capacity, the AC charging power is up to 7.4 or up to 22 kW. DC charging is possible with up to 130 kW. Up to 350 km is possible in 30 minutes (DC fast charging).

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