Nissan extends FAI vehicle sponsorship until 2026

Nissan extends FAI vehicle sponsorship until 2026

Nissan has announced an extension of their partnership with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) until 2026, continuing its status as the official automotive partner of the global governing body for air sports.

The Japanese automaker first became an FAI partner in 2015, and has since been involved in the development of the organization’s youth aviation and drone initiatives. Furthermore, Nissan has provided vehicles for FAI events such as the World Aerobatic Championships and the World Drone Racing Championships.

The extension of the partnership will allow Nissan to remain at the forefront of innovation in air sports, while also offering the manufacturers a platform to showcase their advanced technology.

“Nissan is proud to have been FAI’s automotive partner for the past five years,” said Nissan’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ponz Pandikuthira. “Our collaboration has enabled us to demonstrate the power of our advanced technologies, from autonomous driving and electric vehicles to drones and hydrogen power, in the context of air sports.”

The FAI is confident that the extension of the partnership with Nissan will benefit the organization as well as the sport.

“FAI is delighted to have extended our partnership with Nissan until 2026,” said FAI President, Frits Brink. “Nissan has been a great partner for us and we are looking forward to continuing our work together to help promote the development of air sports and make them more accessible to people all over the world.”

The extension of the partnership between the FAI and Nissan comes at a time when the sport is growing rapidly, with more and more people taking up air sports. Nissan’s commitment to the sport has been key in helping to increase participation, and the automaker is looking forward to furthering its involvement in the years to come.

Through this prolonged collaboration, Nissan intends to fortify its presence in the air sports arena, while simultaneously exhibiting its cutting-edge technology.