Nissan Interstar: New Transporter |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Nissan Interstar: New Transporter | CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Anyone who looks at the headlights of the new Nissan Interstar and thinks, I know him, is not wrong. The Japanese also used their alliance partner Renault for the new transporter and replaced the Renault Master in the new model generation.

Slightly modified optics

Renault presented the fourth generation Master in late 2023. Now Nissan is following suit with its light commercial vehicle variant. Master and Interstar were already identical in construction. Like the Master, the Interstar scores with an aerodynamically optimized body. The hood is short, the windshield has a flat slope, the exterior mirrors, the air intake ducts in the bumper and the roof line are designed more simply and the back is narrow. Air resistance is said to be reduced by 20 percent and efficiency has been increased accordingly. The vehicle also has a 40 mm wide side door and a 100 mm long loading area.

A newly designed front end provides visual differentiation from Renault. The Interstar grill is wide and high among the LED lighting units. The brand association is spelled out with large Interstar lettering in the upper area and a large Nissan logo in the middle of the grill. At the rear, the Nissan logo replaces the Renault logo. Otherwise, both cars are identical.

With an electric and diesel car

In terms of the car, the Interstar is available for the first time with an electric car only, which of course also inherits from Renault. Two battery-electric versions are offered with 96 kW/130 HP or 105 kW/143 HP. Both have a torque of 300 Nm. The base variant draws its power from a 40 kWh battery. The most powerful motor is combined with an 87 kWh battery. The large battery provides a driving range of up to 460 km, the small power reserve is enough for up to 200 km. You can charge at a 22 kW AC charging station or at a fast charger with up to 130 kW.

Alternatively, the Interstar may also have diesel engines. Nissan does not release any data yet, but here too a look at the master should show the way. It is available with four types of Blue dCi diesel engine with 77 kW/105 hp, 96 kW/130 hp, 110 kW/150 and 125 kW/170 hp with manual transmission or nine-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, customers have to choose between front and rear wheel drive.

Nissan quotes a payload of 1.6 tonnes for the electric version, and less than two tonnes for the diesel version. The permissible gross weight of an electric transporter is four tonnes. Both diesel and electric versions have a maximum trailer load of 2,500 kg.

More connection with assistants

In the new three-seat cockpit, the Interstar relies on durable seat covers, seat heating and a heated windshield as well as an improved infotainment system. All models of the new Nissan Interstar are equipped with various safety systems, including emergency brake assist, drowsiness warning, tire pressure monitoring system and trailer control system.

Pre-sales of the new Nissan Interstar begin in the spring, with deliveries of the first units starting in the summer. Nissan also offers a range of classic conversions, including tipper trucks, flatbed trucks and panel vans. Prices have not yet been announced.

Of course, the more space, the better.No, station wagons are my thing.