Nissan Kicks Bookings Put On Hold – Sales Dropped Big Time –

Nissan Kicks Bookings Put On Hold – Sales Dropped Big Time –

The Nissan Kicks, a much-anticipated subcompact crossover, has seen its bookings put on hold by the Japanese automaker as sales have dropped significantly.

Nissan, the Japanese automaker, has suspended bookings of its much-anticipated subcompact crossover, the Kicks, after sales of the vehicle decreased drastically. The automaker has yet to cite a specific reason for the halting of bookings, though the co-Chief Operating Officer of Nissan, Ashwani Gupta, has stated that the company is focusing on optimizing the production of its models.

The Kicks was launched in India in January 2019, and was touted as a stylish, affordable and fuel efficient SUV. However, sales of the Kicks have been in a free fall since May 2019, with the model seeing a month-on-month decrease of 32.8 percent in June. The model has seen an overall decrease in sales of 36.8 percent in the first half of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

The Kicks was a part of Nissan’s plans to compete with other subcompact crossover models such as the Hyundai Creta and the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross. The Kicks was marketed as a stylish and affordable SUV, but it has failed to make an impact in the Indian market.

The Kicks was initially priced at Rs 9.55 lakhs, but the price was later reduced to Rs 9.39 lakhs. The automaker also launched an introductory offer of up to Rs 1.5 lakhs, but this failed to revive the model’s sales.

The Nissan Kicks has evidently failed to make an impression on the Indian market, and the automaker is yet to comment on when bookings for the model will resume. It remains to be seen whether the Japanese automaker will be able to revive sales of the Kicks, or if the model will be destined to remain a footnote in the Indian automotive industry.