Nissan new 100% electric crossover: Nissan Ariya

Nissan new 100% electric crossover: Nissan Ariya

We can think of Nissan as a pioneer in the field of electric mobility. Since the launch of LEAF in 2010, Nissan has built more than a decade of knowledge and experience when it comes to electric driving. The new shape will be added with the arrival of the 100% Nissan Ariya electrician.

Not only the Nissan years ahead of the competition in the EVs field, the crossover segment has also dominated the Japanese car brand for years with Qashqai. The accumulated knowledge of electric drives and years of experience, despite the success of Qashqai sales, the combination of the two was inevitable, resulting in Nissan Ariya.

Nissan Ariya represents a major step towards ‘Ambition 2030’, a plan to offer a wide range of emissions models, as well as reduce emissions as a car manufacturer. A major goal, which Nissan is now under its recognition with Ariya.

Although the Nissan Ariya enters the market as an average medium car, the interior space is not complicated and can be compared to the indoor space from the upper classes. Flat floor, stylish design elements and atmospheric atmosphere contribute to the feeling of relaxation, which is further enhanced by the use of premium materials.

With four versions, the Nissan Ariya is available to everyone. For example, the Nissan Ariya Advance is already available from 47,390 euros or from 529 euros for Operating Rental. A complete standard device with a variety of security systems ensures safe travel and you arrive at your destination with complete equipment. In addition, the Nissan Ariya is available with an e-4ORCE four-wheel drive that provides additional dynamics and allows the electric crossover to weigh 1,500 kg. This makes the Nissan Ariya more versatile, so you can enjoy the benefits of electric driving without compromise.

Will you be one of the first to drive a new Nissan Ariya?

Nissan Ariya will tread Dutch soil in mid-2022. Order early now and will be one of the first to own the new Nissan Ariya. The future begins now!