Nissan Primastar Seaside by Dethleffs, More Than Fashionable

Nissan Primastar Seaside by Dethleffs, More Than Fashionable

The Camper are more than trendy, with an expanding assortment that caters to the needs of all clients. The gurus at Dethleffs have recently shown one of their newest innovations, this time focusing on Japanese commercials. The Nissan Primastar Seaside retains its outward appearance, but has been converted inside into a true mobile home.

Campermania is irresistible. Independent bodybuilders are increasingly counting on introducing new models, which will be shown at upcoming specialized events. Novelties that will be accessible to consumers in the coming months, just as spring blooms and the pleasant weather beckons you to get out and explore. The British from Dethleffs are constantly adding to their collection.

However, with the assistance of the Japanese, because the latest great novelty is a development of the Japanese brand, but with the assistance of material specialists, a more modern option with which Nissan intends to build on the Michelangelo’s success between 2018 and 2020, when over 400 units conquered customers. Now, Dethleffs’ Primastar Seaside enters with the goal of outdoing its predecessor and the required justifications to do it.

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This Nissan Primastar has been redesigned from the start to provide a more habitable inside area, measuring 5.08 meters long, 1.96 meters wide, and 2.04 meters high. The Japanese began with the “Tekna” finish, which has a right-side sliding door and a big vertically opening tailgate.

Inside, each passenger has their own seat, which rotates 180 degrees to exchange experiences with the back passengers, who have two or four separate chairs fixed on rails.

Identical to a foldable table. Although the space has been maximized, with a tiny gas burner on the left side, the rest area lacks comfort. Two chairs are located in a bed on the Japanese roof, which is elevated in the front with a huge tent and equipped with windows to enjoy the starry sky. The remaining two seats may be stored on a fold-down bed in the internal compartment.

The new Nissan Primastar “Seaside by Dethleffs” is equipped with a comprehensive standard equipment package that includes not only the normal features found on Japanese commercial vehicles but also a number of convenience features such as a 36-litre refrigerator and a 29-liter water tank.

The vehicle will be available solely with a 2.0-liter biturbo diesel engine producing 150 or 170 horsepower, mated to either a six-speed manual transmission or a DCT automatic transmission with the same number of gears. Nissan’s new Primastar Seaside will arrive on sale in Germany next summer.

The Nissan Primastar gets a new climate control system as standard, bringing it in line with a number of other models in its class. The air-conditioning system is paired with push-button controls on either side of the dash. The optional system features automatic temperature adjustment, auto recirculation and separate temperature controls for front and rear passengers. There’s also an ionizer function for those suffering from allergies or asthma.