Nissan Qashqai drives with a new electric motor

Nissan Qashqai drives with a new electric motor

e-mobility Nissan Qashqai drives with a new electric motor

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Instead of a plug-in hybrid they prefer e-power: Nissan engineers have created a unique among electric drives: The electric car fills with gasoline, but is driven only by electricity. The debut should be in the Qashqai in the summer.

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Nissan relies on a series hybrid for the Qashqai.

(Photo: Sessantuno/Nissan)

The variety of drive systems in the automotive industry is greater today than ever before. They range from hybrids to battery cars with and without range extenders hydrogen-/fat cells– Car. Nissan engineers have now come up with something new and developed it ready for series production. The eco system is called E-Power and it starts in the Qashqai.

It is no coincidence that the new technology first finds a compact crossover model. The Qashqai is Nissan’s best-selling range and the electric powertrain develops the greatest fuel economy. It should be up to 40 percent in the city compared to the compact hybrid.

In electronic power, the Japanese brand differs from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi trio. While the other two are focusing on their electricity distribution strategy, among other things plugging combination the people at Nissan said to themselves: There must be another way to give the customer an electric driving experience without worrying about range and charging infrastructure?

Hyper Hybrid is the name of Obrist's modified Tesla Model 3, which combines an electric car with a combustion engine.  (Obrist/Studio22 - Marcel Hagen)

In addition, once plug-in hybrid subsidies are phased out in Europe, sales figures will drop significantly. It is not worth investing in this expensive technique in this situation, even if most of the ingredients are not on the organization’s shelf.

The car is powered by an electric motor only

However, the principle of e-power can be a suitable connecting technology. What makes this drive special? Compared to the hybrid system, with E-Power the car is always and exclusively driven by an electric motor (140 kW/190 hp). The gasoline engine, a three-cylinder turbo with a displacement of 1.5 liters, 115 kW/156 hp and variable compression, only drives the generator to produce electricity. This sends its energy directly in the direction of the electric motor or through an inverter (direct current conversion). battery.

Now you might argue that an electric car with a range extender is basically no different. Right. But with him, the combustion engine only goes when the battery capacity decreases. Not so with e-power. Here, the petrol engine starts as soon as something accelerates or you have a speed of more than 60 km / h. If you take your foot off the gas or drive slowly, only the electric car works. The Qashqai can be driven up to three kilometers on electricity alone, the 1.95 kWh battery does not provide more.

E-power first in Qashquai, then in X-Trail

Qashqai E-Power offers a great surprise while driving. It reacts electronically immediately and directly, accelerates linearly and performs as smoothly and comfortably as only an electric car. Only with the difference that occasionally three cylinders can be heard discreetly in the background.

Until e-mobility is further expanded, e-fuels can help make mobility CO2 neutral in the medium and long term.  (bosch)

It is also good that the increase in engine speed coincides with the increase in speed. Hybrid drivers have different things to report here. There is nothing worse than when the engine revs and the car cannot keep up with the acceleration.

Nissan wants to offer an e-power system starting this summer. First in the Qashqai, then in the new X-Trail, which will make its appearance at the end of the year. The manufacturer has not announced any price yet. But one thing is already clear: There is no innovation charge for buyers like a “real” electric car. This new Qashqai variant will not receive an electronic signature either, although only an electric motor replaces the drivetrain. Unfortunately, the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg classifies the E-Power Qashqai as a hybrid.

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