Nissan “Seaside by Dethleffs” is now official

Nissan “Seaside by Dethleffs” is now official

Nissan “Seaside by Dethleffs” is now official

As we wrote last week, Nissan will release the camp version of Primastar Tekna from next summer, a change that will be offered by Dethleffs.

More is now known about this car house as it has now been officially announced by Nissan. The camper will certainly have the nickname “Seaside by Dethleffs”. It has a maximum of six seats, four sleeping areas, a small kitchenette and a raised roof.

Nissan Primastar

The Nissan Primastar is a sister car of the Renault Trafic and was named NV300 to the final surface. The base car has a 2.0 liter 150 hp diesel engine with a six-speed manual transmission and is optional with a output of 170 hp. The automatic gearbox is also available at an additional cost. Nissan Primastar has a standard air conditioner, parking heater, navigation system, rear camera, 17-inch alloy wheels, colored bumpers and door mirrors, black windows from column B and radio. DAB. The course also has a variety of support systems such as light and rain sensor, high beam assistant, speed navigation controller, blind assistant, emergency brake assistant as well as traffic signal and speed detection.

Seats instead of back seats

The Nissan motorhome has four seats as usual. Thanks to the rail system, two rear seats – so it does not have a back seat – can be moved to provide space for an extra set of seats. Seats can be moved, rotated or removed without tools. That gives the Sea a lot of MPV usage options.


Nissan has requested the assistance of Dethleffs specialist for replacement of the motor vehicle. This created a layout similar to that of the well-known VW California. That is a layout like most compact campers: a back seat that can be converted into a double bed (in this case: back seats), a raised roof and a double extra bed and on the left a small kitchen with a wardrobe behind it. .

The kitchen has a two-burner gas stove, a 36-liter refrigerator with stainless steel sink and glass lid. In addition, the camp has a 29-liter water tank. The storage space has four drawers in the kitchen unit and a large back room.

The dining area is ‘normal’ and is made up of rotating front seats, two rear seats and a folding table. Thanks to the folding legs and side rails, the table can also be used outdoors.


The lower bed offers a lying surface of 2.00 x 1.25 meters, with a cool folding foam mattress to ensure adequate sleep comfort. The bed can be removed without tools if desired. The bed in the elevator roof has a slatted base and is slightly shorter, measuring 1.89 x 1.25 meters. If you want, you can open the pop-up roof tent completely to enjoy the panoramic view.