Nissan Share: Now it’s really cool ()

Nissan Share: Now it’s really cool ()

On November 4, 2022, 11:31 am, Nissan Motor shares are listed on their home market in Tokyo at a price of JPY 484. The company belongs to the Automobile Manufacturers segment.

To evaluate this course, we put Nissan Motor through a multi-step analysis process. This leads to an assessment of whether Nissan Motor should be classified as a “buy”, “hold” or “sell”. The final summation of these assessments results in an overall assessment.

1. Dividend: Nissan Motor pays a dividend yield of 0.93% compared to the auto industry average based on current prices, which is 5.09 percentage points below the average of 6.02%. The yield is therefore low and results in a “Sell” classification.

2. Sector Comparison Share price: Compared to the average annual performance of stocks from the same sector (“Consumer Discretionary”), Nissan Motor is up more than 2 percent with a gain of 3.12 percent. The “automotive” branch made an average profit of 0.8 percent over the past 12 months. Here, too, Nissan Motor is 2.32 percent above it. The stock’s performance over the past year has led to a “Hold” rating in this category.

3. Relative Strength Index: The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a well-known method of technical analysis to assess whether a security is currently “oversold” or “oversold”. This keeps price movements relative to time. We consider the 7-day and 25-day RSI for Nissan Motor. Let’s start with the 7-day RSI, which currently stands at 16.41. This means that Nissan Motor is currently oversold. So that section is classified as “Buy”. What about the 25 day RSI? Contrary to RSI7, Nissan Motor is neither overbought nor oversold here. Hence the security is rated “Hold” by RSI25. The bottom line is that Nissan Motor is rated “Buy” at this point in our analysis.

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