Nissan turns the Kicks into a big shoe for New Balance

Nissan turns the Kicks into a big shoe for New Balance

Cross-company partnerships are nothing new in the business world, and Nissan seems to be very interested, given its partnership with sneaker company New Balance.

This is the Nissan Kicks 327 Edition, based on the New Balance 327 design.

The example is completely opposite to what one would expect from a collaboration between two companies, since what has already happened is: a pair of sneakers inspired by car products, racing cars, etc.

The idea of ​​the campaign is to make people start talking a lot (especially on social networks) about the Nissan Kicks e-POWER 4WD, which is not sold in Brazil, and not even in the USA.

And the implementation of the idea was done very well, because the car looked like a New Balance shoe, with those big N’s on the side, like a good New Balance.

The front of the small SUV really looks like the toe of a sneaker, and the rear, well… it looks just right. And those shoelaces on the ceiling? We don’t need to say anything…

The car is part of an advertising campaign that will start in February in Japan.

Nissan Kicks will be driving around Tokyo, where people will be able to take pictures and tweet #Catch the Kicks, to participate in a drawing that will give the winner a Nissan Kicks e-POWER 4WD unit.

Other people can repost the campaign, to compete for pairs and pairs of New Balance 327.

But unfortunately, the biggest prize (Kicks) will not come with this look as you can see in the picture. Unfortunately or good?