Nissan ventures deeper into Web3 with 4 new trademark applications – CoinGeek

Nissan ventures deeper into Web3 with 4 new trademark applications – CoinGeek

Nissan Motor Co. has ventured further into the realm of Web3, with the Japanese automaker filing four trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The applications, made on April 9, were all related to the company’s Web3-based blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The filings were all made under the same class: “Computer software regarding digital assets and cryptocurrency.”

The four trademark applications are: “Nissan Web3”, “Nissan Digital Currency”, “Nissan Blockchain” and “Nissan Crypto”. According to the USPTO’s records, the applications are all pending.

Nissan’s venture into Web3 is not new. The company has previously released its own blockchain platform, which was designed to enable users to securely store and transfer digital assets. It also released its own cryptocurrency, the NissanCoin, earlier this year.

The new trademark applications suggest that Nissan is looking to expand its Web3 offerings. It’s possible that the company could be looking to use its blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to facilitate transactions or to create new digital asset-based products.

Nissan isn’t the only automaker looking to use Web3 technologies. Ford, GM, and Volkswagen are all reportedly exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

It’s unclear what Nissan’s plans are for its new trademark applications, but the move signifies a further investment in the Web3 space. It’s likely that the company will use the new trademarks to further expand its digital asset portfolio and to explore new ways to use blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.