No ‘crisis’ but not good enough – Norris’s McLaren verdict

No ‘crisis’ but not good enough – Norris’s McLaren verdict

The McLaren Formula One team has not been in a crisis since the departure of Ron Dennis, according to racing veteran Martin Brundle, but the team’s results in the 2017 season have not been satisfactory.

Despite the British squad’s lack of a championship challenge this season, Brundle – who spent three years with the team in the early 1990s – feels the situation is not as dire as some have suggested.

“The McLaren team is not in a crisis,” Brundle declared. “It is a team that is not performing to its full potential, and is partly the victim of its own ambition. That is an unfortunate situation, but one that can be rectified with the right moves in the off-season.”

Brundle, who currently serves as a commentator for Sky Sports F1, was quick to point out that McLaren have made some positive steps forward in the past few months, with Fernando Alonso’s victory at the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix being the most notable.

“McLaren have been able to achieve some important successes this year, most notably with Alonso’s Monaco win,” Brundle said. “This result should be seen as a validation of the team’s hard work and determination, and a sign that the team is still capable of producing good results.

However, Brundle also believes that McLaren have a lot of work to do if they are to return to the top of the sport.

“It is clear that McLaren still have a long way to go before they can compete at the highest level again,” he said. “The team needs to make some major changes in order to make this happen, including making the necessary investments in personnel, technology and infrastructure.

“It will take time, but with the right decisions, McLaren can once again become one of the top teams in Formula One.”