‘No hydrogen lead role’

‘No hydrogen lead role’

As part of the offensive Toyotas products that use electricity, Lexus is also launching several types of electronics. They all have an electric motor as well as a battery. There is currently no mention of hydrogen. “We do not have to be leaders,” says Lexus Europe CEO.

The target is BEV or Battery Electric Vehicles. But Lexus does not ignore the development of hydrogen vehicles. “Hydrogen is attractive,” says Spiros Fotinos in an interview with Autovisie. “When people talk about hydrogen, they immediately think of Toyota Mirai. For us as an organization, Mirai is an example of how we perceive hydrogen. Hydrogen plays a major role in us, especially when you think about unchanging ecosystems. Imagine a bus that travels consistently and consistently. they end up in the same place.That you can have a hydrogen filling station at the bus station and all your buses are powered by hydrogen.These types of closed systems are therefore obvious candidates for hydrogen use.

2014.02.25 LPMPD

Consolidated energy storage

However, Fotinos touches on energy conservation. “Europe is changing with green energy. One of the biggest challenges we face is when we conserve energy during peak hours. Hydrogen as a way to conserve energy is therefore a very attractive solution. He continues:” Mirai is an example of hydrogen storage. in mobility. Can we also fit a fuel cell on a Lexus? Yes, of course, if you look at Mirai. It’s not that far. The platform, size, whatever you take, is not hard for us to do.

Toyota Mirai Model Lista
Toyota Mirai Model Lista

Portfolio of technology

However, the hydrogen drive from Lexus is not on the agenda. Product violations are based on BEV. “However, from a consumer perspective, the question is a sequence of events. If you look at the issue of electricity, we are talking about infrastructure, green energy production, there are still many things to do that are very focused on establishing electricity supply. At least that is where our focus should be. The fact that we have hydrogen in our portfolio of technology means that if we see change, we are ready to respond. But we do not have to lead like Lexus.

Lexus Electrified

Lexus currently has one all-electric model in its portfolio, but this UX is based on the traditional platform. A new generation of electric cars is on the way. These types are built on an architecture that is specifically designed for electrical operation. RZ leads. The model was recently released and will go on sale later this year. This is followed by models in all shapes and sizes, including a sports car. With the ranks completed, Lexus wants to sell at least one million electric cars a year from 2030.

Electronic LFA is coming true, Lexus shows first pictures!

For the development of electronic models, the company introduced ‘Lexus Electrified’. The business unit focuses not only on new products, but also on reducing the cost of battery packs, battery types and the production process and development of models. By the way, Lexus will not only release electronic models in 2030. The brand indicates that the electronic version of all product lines will be available by the end of this decade.

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