Norris 5th in Monaco FP2: “I feel more comfortable” |  FormulaPassion – Formula 1

Norris 5th in Monaco FP2: “I feel more comfortable” | FormulaPassion – Formula 1

Norris returns to the majors

Inside of Friday of the Grand Prix of Monk especially positive for Ferrari and Carlos Sainz, especially for the best time achieved by the second in FP1, another impressive performance of the driver who was Sainz’s companion during his time at McLaren was not forgotten : Lando Norris. Even in the midst of a fierce conflict of results on the part of the Woking team, it was a team that surprised us fifth place of the British in PL2a tenth behind Verstappen’s lead.

It is also good in PL1

Earlier, and therefore in PL1, Norris had in any case shown that he felt particularly comfortable in the streets of the Empire, as evidenced by seventh place. Two very different performances compared to that of Australia’s Oscar Piastri, also a McLaren keeper and he ‘placed’ 17th in both sessions. For one of the two participants this year is a return to the Greatness two years after the round held in Formula 2, when he finished with two 2nd places.

One step compared to last weekend

Lando Norris commented on Friday’s results as follows, hoping to be able to prove it again with similar performances in tomorrow’s playoffs: “Good day, good to be back – has explained – it’s good to be back in the car here in Monaco. Crazy feeling, as always. I was happy with I got comfortable very quickly, which is always important here. We made some changes from FP1 to FP2 that went in the right direction, and of course we got a lot more out of the car, so we will continue to look in that direction, to see if we can improve more tomorrow. Satisfying Friday, and maybe I feel better than in the last few weeks“.

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