Norris: This year’s McLaren doesn’t suit my driving style

Norris: This year’s McLaren doesn’t suit my driving style

Lando Norris said that despite a good race this F1 season, he is not completely happy with his car.

Norris is currently the seventh driver in the classification of the season, with 88 points. These achievements include the third place at the Imola circuit – he is the only driver this season who stood on the podium and who is not a Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes rider. However, he said that he had difficulty adjusting his driving style in this year’s MCL36, thus contradicting the words of Daniel Ricciardo, who previously said that the McLaren car was not built to his wishes.

“It was said that way [Daniel] It doesn’t fit the car and stuff like that, which makes everyone think it fits me and it’s built around me, but that couldn’t be more true, said Norris on the Beyond The Grid podcast. I don’t like driving my current car. , but it doesn’t really suit my driving style.”

“At the beginning of the year, I would have said that the way he had to be driven, he was more suitable for Daniel than me. This is something that I was struggling with a lot at the beginning of the season. Now I’m dealing with it, or maybe I’m used to it better – I’m inclined to say that it suits me better now . However, this is far from the car I would want to have in a perfect world. If I wanted to do the best lap and was given this car to do it, this is definitely not the right car..

Even before the start of this year’s campaign, McLaren extended its contract with Norris until the end of 2025. The Briton, despite six visits to the podium, is still not at the top. However, he hopes that the future will be good for this.

“The fact that I would sign that kind of contract and the fact that I know that I won’t win the race in a short time – I knew that I wouldn’t win last year, I wouldn’t win this year, there’s a good chance next year that I won’t win the race and I still signed the contract knowing all this. It’s not like I put signed for another reason. I believe we can achieve important goals together in the long term, and I think it will make things sweeter than just joining a team that has a chance to win races.”.

“I have a lot of faith in the team … and we have a strong team at the moment in terms of culture, in terms of the internal environment. I believe that we are definitely in the best place that we have ever been”.