not a car but a luxury yacht.  The evolution of the LY650, will be launched by 2026

not a car but a luxury yacht. The evolution of the LY650, will be launched by 2026

YOKOHAMA. Could the car maker also try its hand at building luxury yachts? In Lexus, the luxury subsidiary of the giant Toyota, they are sure of this. And indeed, after the presentation, in 2019, of the first project, the LY 650, or 65 feet (19.96 meters) Lexus Yacht, the result of an agreement between the Japanese car manufacturer and the American shipyard Marquis Yachts, based in Pulaski, Wisconsin, the second project has now been announced, described by the company as “the first evolution”.

It is called LY680, a short that shows a 68-foot Lexus Yacht, so it’s a bit big (20.66 meters, with a top beam of 5.76). At the moment it is just a project, and the launch of the first unit is expected not before the spring of 2026. However, from the headquarters in Nagoya they informed that the style, fittings and engine have now been defined by. construction is no longer entrusted to the American Marquis Yachts shipyard but to the Horizon Group, a leading brand in Asia in the luxury yacht industry, specializing in customized yachts using advanced technology and production methods.

First review, and the first rendering made by the Japanese company suggests that the flybridge and the relaxation area have been extended, to ensure more space and improve the joy of living outside, in contact with the sea. The message from the company (or the shipyard?…) explains that “the concept behind this luxury yacht is to feel at home in the middle of the sea, providing a space where the most demanding customers can feel free and at ease”. In more detail, the flybridge has been extended by 1,400 mm and now has a large sofa for relaxation and a barbecue, while the rear area has been extended by 700 mm, to allow more leisure and sports activities, including the possibility of using a jet. skis.

As for the interior, it is emphasized that “they are taken care of down to the smallest detail to provide a comfortable living space”, but no further details are given. It is certain, however, that the 6 beds in three cabins and three bathrooms intended for the previous LY650 will be confirmed. The first images released from Nagoya also show the beauty and stability of the vessels.

Driving cars assigned to two Volvo Penta IPS 1350/1050. Performance is currently undisclosed. However, the company hoped that “Lexus aims to achieve inspiring navigation performance, offering perfect maneuverability, excellent navigation comfort and silence”.

Starting March 21, orders were opened only in Japan, through Toyota Marine sales offices and other selected dealers. Meanwhile, a 1/20 scale model of the new LY 680 was displayed at the Japan International Boat Show 2024 held at Pacifico in Yokohama from 21 to 24 March. It is too early to say if we will see a Lexus yacht in our seas as well. In Nagoya they say that “sales in other foreign markets will be considered in the future depending on customer demand”.