Not a fan of parallel parking?  Hyundai will help you ‘analyze smart’

Not a fan of parallel parking? Hyundai will help you ‘analyze smart’

We all know someone who desperately needs this

Photo: © Hyundai / Screenshot on YouTube

Desperate, you spin the wheel to get your car into that tight parking spot, with a line of people behind you (who suddenly seem in a hurry). Recognized? Well, luckily Hyundai will soon come up with new technology that will help with this. At CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week, the South Korean car brand showed off the Ionqic 5, which can turn all four wheels at right angles. Now we understand why they call it “crab walking car.”

A system called e-Corner was developed by their separate division Hyundai Mobis – which deals with the autonomous driving experience – developed over many years. This system allows the wheels to be turned independently up to an angle of 90 degrees. This way you can drive it on the box in one movement. But why is this happening only now? Finally Mobis managed to make the steering system and suspension more compact, so you can drive around like a crab.

When will we see the e-Corner system on the road?

Unfortunately, it will be several years before the e-Corner System comes to production models. Two years ago, Hyundai Mobis shared that it wanted to introduce the system in 2025. Meanwhile, we have to do with another EV. Thus came the American brand Rivian both with the ‘Hummer-esque’ R1T and R1S. This can turn all wheels – unfortunately not at right angles – to drive on the road. It is useful if you have to turn quickly.

This is how Hyundai moves like a crab