Note now for articles of the category “passenger cars / light commercial vehicles”: A nationwide warning has been issued for this product from FIAT!

Note now for articles of the category “passenger cars / light commercial vehicles”: A nationwide warning has been issued for this product from FIAT!

FIAT is recalling products from its range. You can find out from us which article is involved and why it is being recalled.

Did you know that in Germany, according to the Product Liability Act, every manufacturer is obliged to warn about the risks arising from their products in order to avoid the so-called “damage to third parties”? This can be done by a remember with a warning.
For Scudo A safety warning was issued to the public by FIAT on September 16, 2022. We are closely monitoring products from France and the associated risks.

FIAT is launching a recall campaign: The warning applies to these models

Kinds of products Passenger Cars / Light Commercial Vehicles from the category cars were made by FIAT, but the warning only applies to V, e22007/46053320 out Scudo* is related. The defective products were manufactured during the period from March 2, 2022. The products are described as follows: “Passenger Cars / Light Commercial Vehicles.”

Where exactly does the product warning come from?

“Rapid Exchange of Information System” (RAPEX for short) is a European rapid alert system for consumer protection, through which product warnings can be exchanged. The European Commission publishes a weekly report on current RAPEX warnings, which can be viewed online as an overview.

“Scudo” from FIAT – risk of injury

The warning type “Risk of injury” applies to products from FIAT, with greater risks being determined for the article according to the level of warning. RAPEX describes the alert level in more detail. So it says here: “The product does not comply with regulations on the approval and market monitoring of vehicles and vehicle trailers as well as systems, components and independent technical units for these vehicles.” The manufacturer himself reported: “The front cross member is not properly reinforced. This can affect the stability and direction of the car and increase the risk of an accident.”

Product recall nationwide: Where can I return the product?

Concrete measures are currently being taken in response to the product warning. The products are now being recalled by consumers. But what does that mean for you? The first step is, of course, to stop using the product. Also, the usual procedure will be to return the returned product to the place of purchase. As a rule, you do not need a receipt for this and you will be paid the purchase price. You can find out about different procedures from the company or the sales department. For other countries, there is currently no information as to whether there was a warning for the article here as well.

Product description at a glance

product example types production time remember the rules Installation bar code
Scudo V, e22007/460533*20 02.03.2022 not specified not specified not specified

For more information on product warnings, see here.

What to do in case of danger?

Minor injuries are usually harmless and can be treated by ordinary people. It usually heals without any problems within ten days. through the right ones First Aid Measures the wound can be protected from infection and healing can be supported. Serious or deep injuries, on the other hand, must be treated with medical care as soon as possible 112 caution; if the medical emergency is urgent but not life-threatening, the emergency number will help 116117. There you can access medical care on call and the main office will inform you of the call methods in your area.

+++ Editorial note: This text was automatically generated based on current data from RAPEX. If you have any comments or questions, please contact +++

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