Novice drivers, beware of this mistake: how to avoid the wrong car

Novice drivers, beware of this mistake: how to avoid the wrong car

The best car for new drivers: which one to choose and what mistakes to avoid? Note the advice to follow: everything is revealed here

We’ve all been there, willy-nilly. A new driver’s license is the price to pay to spend a life of peace and safety in our beloved four-wheeled motorcycles. It’s not easy: for the first few months everything will be very difficult, from just pulling off the road to the dreaded parallel parking. However, your first steps as a novice behind the wheel will remain in your heart as a driver forever. So, cherish them until you remember them with a smile on your face.

After all, everyone will remember where and who was the first time they were able to park their car in a space that seemed impossible to fill. Or where and who was at the beginning of the first climb, without making the car stutter or even turn off. In particular, you will remember for life the car that fed you and introduced you to the magical world of four wheels. For this reason, choosing a car for a novice driver can mean an important step. And not only for the emotional and affective thing, but also and above all for the whole series of characteristics that the ‘first time’ behind the wheel should reflect.

A suitable car for new drivers: a diagram to follow to avoid unpleasant incidents

Whether it’s your parents’ car, a nice used car or even a brand new car, the right car for the new driver has a clear identity. And the first part comes straight from the highway code: for the first three years of the ‘apprenticeship’, the novice driver’s car must remain in the weight / power ratio of 55 kw per ton. Something to remember when buying a car for those who will have to comply with the law in the first three years of their experience as a fired employee.

For others, you enter the preferences channel. The author has learned to drive in a 1997 Fiat Punto Star, powered by gasoline and with a clutch capable of confusing even experienced drivers. It’s certainly not the best life for an eighteen-year-old pioneer with a helm, but he’s still a sharp and valuable teacher for the rest of his life.

This is due to the (very Italian) myth that ‘learning on an old and used car’ is the best option to follow. Actually, buy and/or drive new generation cars can be an advantage. Not only in terms of comfort and electricity, but also and above all in terms of safety: the introduction of series production of systems such as steering sensors, ABS, electronically stability controlbraking and/or assisted steering is a lifesaver for those who have left the nest of pink sheets.

Novice drivers, which car to choose? This is the ID to follow –

For this, I urge parents to read or you are just beginning drivers: preferential options that guarantee the driver maximum comfort and the best safety. Do not believe that an old and damaged car can be more useful for beginners. Instead, leave the fallacy of seeing it as a waste to give a brand new or similar car into the hands of a fading driver. And stop worrying too much about the fear of a few scratches or dings, in an attempt to awkwardly pull out of the parking space. To do this, you can always repair it from your trusted builder, for everything else it is better not to regret or try your luck. Having said that, let’s try to give some practical advice and show you some cars for your first time behind the wheel.

A timeless Italian favorite: the Fiat Panda

We have all driven it, at least once in our lives. Fiat Panda it is often used by driving schools, which prefer this type of vehicle to train young drivers on four wheels. Available in many versions and with any option you can think of for your first outing on the rubber, the Fiat Panda is the favorite of all Italians. The basic version starts at a price of 14,850 euros (all prices are ex-dealer), but golden opportunities abound in the second-hand market. Low cost of management and maintenance, you can also choose the LPG version to reduce consumption further.

Also take a look at the little sister and big sister: Fiat 500 and Fiat Punto

Good opportunities for your first time can also be two sisters Fiat Panda. Between these they share driving benefits and costs. There Fiat 500 is one of the most loved cars by those who experience city traffic: stylish, iconic and in any situation practical. The historic Piedmontese model continues to be one of the most popular with novice drivers: the basic version starts at a price of 17,100 eurosbut even here there is a second-hand market.

A second-hand market where you can find timeless Italian street style: Fiat Punto. Although it has been out of production since 2018, it continues to be one of the most popular cars among novice drivers and especially with families who decide to invest in a second car. And just check out the secondhand sale to find the right one for your preferences and your pockets.

The Volkswagen Polo is a big deal, no introduction needed

A logo that speaks for itself and has always been synonymous with reliability: Volkswagen Polo it has managed to seduce and win over many novice drivers, as well as many driving schools. Perhaps, the German model is one of the most equipped in its basic version. Above all, it is one of the safest with standard electronic devices, which can make driving easier even for inexperienced drivers. Second-hand Volkswagens do not depreciate, so it makes sense to look and even aim for a new model from the seller: the price of the Polo starts from. 21,250 euros.

Volkswagen Polo, the best choice for PCs (ANSA)

Lancia Ypsilon, the favorite of many Italians and beyond

He often approaches female audiences, Launch Ypsilon it is actually one of the most popular cars among Italian novice drivers. The timeless chic and classic lines of the Italian automotive industry. There’s no shortage of opportunities on the second-hand market, but the new-market price from the dealer is interesting and may spark more than a few thoughts from you: 17,100 euros. As always, also look out for pre-2021 versions, which are widely available second-hand and still very reliable.

French horror women: Renault Twingo, Renault Clio, Citroen C1, Citroen C3, Peugeot 108 and Peugeot 208

A good option for novice drivers can come directly from France. The younger one Renault Twingo and older sister clio they are among the most loved cars by Italians and have often been precious mothers or big sisters to many foreigners at the wheel. Used cars are full of great opportunities, for cars that have shown great reliability and durability. In their basic form, the Twingo is available new for a price of 14,500 euros, while the older sister Clio at the price of 16,470 euros.

Also keep an eye on two proposals coming from home Citro├źn. Agile and small C1 is one of the most visible cars in the streets of our cities, along with its big sister C3. For a new seller, it starts at the cost of 10,750 euros for the first time, during the 17,385 for the second.

Win the pairing even between the ranks Peugeot and 108 and 208. The latter can count not only on the attractive and sporty line, but also on the small steering wheel. Something that can be very useful for those driving for the first time. There are many opportunities on the used market, but a brand new one will cost you a lot 13,550 euros (in the case of 108) and of 19,470 euros (in the case of 208).

Ford Fiesta, Smart Fortwo, Mini One and Dacia Sandero: don’t forget them

Honorable mentions to four other cars that can entice and win you over if you’re looking for the perfect car for your first experience. FordFiesta it doesn’t need much introduction, given that for generations it has weaned hundreds of thousands of drivers across Italy and beyond. Yours at the price of 20,530 euros For example, be very careful with used cars: Ford guarantees almost eternal life for its models, so golden opportunities can be many.

Ford Fiesta, the favorite of many Italians and new drivers (ANSA)

Speech is used almost exclusively for a loved one Smart Fortwo: beautiful and stylish, two seats from the house of Mercedes have currently created a real cult among the new drivers (and not only) of our crowded cities. Snappy, efficient and reliable, the brand new model starts at the list price of 12,220 euros (in its narrower version).

It’s not even possible Mini One: a timeless British car still able to steal the eye and attention of any driver, young or experienced. The basic model starts at a price of 17,100 eurosbut opportunities on the used market may be more suitable for a car that represented the first time for many Italian and European drivers.

Finally, look at the surprise Dacha Sandero. Super-economical in terms of operating costs, maintenance of use, the Romanian car is gaining more and more space among the small cars on our roads. Efficient, practical and reliable, the new Sandero will cost you 10,750 euros for a basic example. Real deals, however, can be made in second-hand dealers, where the little girl from the house of Dacia is one of the current and loved ones.