#Nowomensfootball, Volkswagen launches more equitably provocative campaign at European Championships, Gütsel Online, OWL live

#Nowomensfootball, Volkswagen launches more equitably provocative campaign at European Championships, Gütsel Online, OWL live

#Nowomensfootball, Volkswagen launches more ambitious campaigning campaign at the European Championships

  • The railway logo brand is deliberately provocative and aims to attract people
  • And the slogan “Women play football. #KeinFrauenfussball” is intended to increase social debate
  • The 360-degree campaign to launch UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 is a testament to Volkswagen’s long-standing commitment to greater diversity and equal opportunities.
  • Sales Director Imelda Labbé: “We at #Volkswagen believe in the power of diversity in all areas.”
  • DFB captain Alexandra Popp: “Hashtag will be the topic of conversation. I think it’s good that Volkswagen is pushing the debate.”

At the start of UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, Volkswagen, as an official ally of the tournament and the German Football Federation (DFB), is launching a new campaign to highlight the inequalities in football. The goal is the #KeinFrauenfussball railway label, which aims to escalate the debate on the issue of equality. Hashtag will first appear on the #LED scores in the opening game between #England and #Austria – then in the English version #NotWomensFootball.

The concept of starting a campaign is a common term for “women’s soccer” for sports played by women’s teams. The addition of “women” gives the impression that it has nothing to do with “real” football, while men’s teams only play “football” of course – without any further additions.

With this new campaign, Volkswagen seeks to shed light on this reality and at the same time build greater awareness of what women are achieving around the world, both in football and in sports in general. VFL Wolfsburg footballers, who are backed by Volkswagen, have been the flagship of German football for many years.

»Our campaign seeks to shake things up, raise awareness and encourage people to question the use of their languages. Because language shapes how we humans think about the world, “says Imelda Labbé, who was appointed to the #Volkswagen #Pkw brand board as Chief Sales Officer at the beginning of July.” At Volkswagen, we believe in the power of diversity in all areas to implement together major issues of change. This includes, for example, sustainable #electromobility, which we volunteered as early pioneers. “

Internally, Group Management at Volkswagen follows a comprehensive approach. “We live in diversity” is one of the seven principles of fellowship. The Group’s human resources use an international diversity index to ensure that it operates fairly and impartially. In addition, training courses are offered to managers and staff to motivate them on a variety of issues and to ensure that diversity is fully implemented in the company. It is not just about equality between women and men, but also aspects such as cultural history and sexual orientation.

The #KeinFrauenfussball campaign is being coordinated with the German national team and has prominent supporters within the team. »Talks about equal rights for women and men in professional sports are gaining momentum around the world. I think it’s good that Volkswagen is pushing this debate in football as well. The hashtag #KeinFrauenfussball will be the topic of conversation. This is an important step in recognizing the solid play of all female soccer players – whether in the amateur field or profession, “says captain Alexandra Popp.

The European Championship as a campaign launch system

For #food fans, the campaign will take place on July 6, 2022 during the opening match at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester when the #NotWomensFootball label will be displayed on the board. Meanwhile, an emotional video goes #online on wedrivefootball pages in the Volkswagen Hub. Additional content will be published there during the tournament, including daily football stories about equality and stories from EM venues.

UEFA strategic support »Time to act«

With that campaign, Volkswagen is clearly following the current UEFA strategy for women in football. Under the slogan “Time for Action”, UEFA has been making major investments in European football since 2019 – with the aim of increasing the number of female players in Europe by 2024. The basis for this is a change in public view and the development of structures in the youth and youth sector to give all women and girls who love football the opportunity to pursue their passion for sports.

Manifestation of Volkswagen’s social commitment

The campaign will continue beyond the duration of the European Championships. It is therefore an integral part of Volkswagen’s operations, in which the Group seeks to demonstrate its vision and advocate for greater diversity and equality. Thus the commitment is in line with the core values ​​of the Group and the general culture of the organization.