Official: Caterham Seven 600 and 2000 (2023) +.prize

Official: Caterham Seven 600 and 2000 (2023) +.prize

For fifty years, British Caterham has been building many variants of the Seven designed by Colin Chapman in 1957, after production of the light sports car at Lotus was stopped and Caterham bought the rights. Until recently, the current range in continental Europe consisted of the Saba 170 and Saba 340, powered by a smaller 660 cc engine, with a maximum power of 80 hp and a 170 hp Ford two-liter engine respectively.

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Other variants are available in the UK, such as the Seven 420, which produces 210 hp from the same naturally aspirated engine, or the Seven 620, which produces 310 hp thanks to the compressor and accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 2.8 seconds / you. To the layman, all these versions look the same, but there are a whole series of subtle differences, including the chassis.


And now there are two more new variants: Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000. They were available on the domestic market since September 2022, so with right-hand drive, but previously retromobile old shows in Paris. , left-hand drive European versions were recommended.

Technically, the new Super Seven 600 and 2000 are based on the Seven 170 and 340 respectively, but visually they harken back to the Super Seven models from the 1970s and 1980s. This is reflected in the retro design of things like the front fenders. , rims (14 inches), chrome fuel cap or black leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Belgian Caterham Seven 600 and 2000 prices

The retro touches that the LED rear lights are somewhat obvious, but of course that does not prevent the pure driving pleasure that you can still find in these low cigars on wheels, even in the version with only 80 hp, which thanks to the weight of lower still accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. And of course without the sometimes annoying driver assistance systems.

Caterham Super Seven 600 and 2000 can now be ordered in our country, with a starting price of 44,643 euros in the first case and 61,946 euros in the second. A lot in absolute terms, but there’s a good old-fashioned driving pleasure in returning…