Official first aid diploma: A special ceremony at Het Hooghuis ZuidWest

Official first aid diploma: A special ceremony at Het Hooghuis ZuidWest

A cows – On Tuesday afternoon, May 16, there was a party for 26 students of Het Hooghuis ZuidWest. They received an official first aid certificate. Within their Care and Wellbeing profile, students took the first aid option. Last week they concluded the session with a real test.

First aid at school

South West students with a Care & Welfare profile can choose first care in their third year. In March, teacher and nurse Patty van der Doelen will start with a group of 26 motivated students, supported by her colleague Patty Somers – teacher Care & Welfare. For seven weeks, students receive first aid for eight to twelve hours a week, of which four hours a week are provided by staff Red Cross.

The test of life

The final lesson will follow on May 16, where the lotus victim is also present. Vereniging Lotus Nederland manages the ‘National Image Victim Support Training’. This way, the last lesson suddenly becomes very real for the students! “It was a lot of fun and luckily it went well,” said one of the students. Another student adds: “I think it is very important that you do this; everyone can find something.”

The conclusion of the ceremony

It is the first time for the students of this Hooghuis school to receive an official first aid certificate. That, of course, calls for a festive celebration. The diploma was received in front of teachers, counselors, parents/guardians and even a number of grandparents. Team leader Sara Luiten concludes enthusiastically: “We are very proud of our students for this great result. With this diploma, they take a good step in the future, whether in or out of the health sector. The diploma is valid for two years and, after taking their final exams next year, these students will carry it through to their first year of secondary vocational education.”

A strong choice

Hooghuis ZuidWest is a school where you, as a student, are in the middle of practice. With rigorous training and excellent practical facilities at the school, you will become familiar with possible future careers within no less than seven profiles. This gives you the chance to research and choose what suits you best.