Official: Jaguar is coming with a 4-door GT!

Official: Jaguar is coming with a 4-door GT!

A 4-door GT from Jaguar, that sounds interesting.

Jaguar It is a wonderful brand, but unfortunately it has been quiet for a while in terms of new models. The latest member was I Pace, which was already established 5 years ago. The big question is: what’s next? Now we can answer that important question.

JLR (formerly known as Jaguar Land Rover) today reveals their plans for the future. This is definitely the future of electricity, so the British have to work hard. The I-Pace is still JLR’s only EV. That’s why big investments are being made: JLR is pushing €17 billion into the development of EVs and everything that goes with them.

JLR’s next electric car is already ready. From the new Range Rover there will also be a full electric version. It will appear later this year.

And what about Jaguar? That’s what we heard today. Jaguar’s next EV will not be a crossover, but a 4-door GT. So it promises to be a low-slung car, with a sloping roof. That doesn’t sound bad.

Jaguar is already revealing that this car will be their most powerful model ever. That was the 600 hp Project 8 so far, so we can count on 600+ hp. This is not at the expense of range, because the British promise a range of 700 km.

Jaguar also gives a rough indication of the price: around £100,000. That’s about what you pay now in the UK for a Mercedes EQS 450+ or ​​a Porsche Taycan GTS.

The car will be placed on a completely new platform, namely the JEA platform. We think this represents Jaguar Electric Design. In addition to the sedan or four-door coupe, Jaguar comes with two other models on this platform.

Jaguar’s electric 4-door GT should appear next year. The first deliveries are scheduled for 2025. Then the Jag could compete against the electric Maserati Quattroporte, which will also enter the market at that time.

Header photo: 2007 Jaguar C-XF Concept