Oklahoma Police Captain Asked Officer to Turn Off Body Cam After DUI Bust

Oklahoma Police Captain Asked Officer to Turn Off Body Cam After DUI Bust

Oklahoma police captain, Capt. Michael Shropshire, requested an officer to deactivate their body camera after a DUI bust, raising concern amongst civil rights activists.

Capt. Shropshire implored the officer to turn off the bodycam after the suspect was detained, leading to questions of whether the police were attempting to evade accountability. According to the state’s attorney general, the incident may have violated Oklahoma’s open recording laws.

The Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) expressed deep concern with the captain’s behavior, noting that police body cameras are essential for ensuring transparency and accountability in law enforcement.

“Body cameras are an important tool for protecting both police and the public,” said Brandon Buskey, ACLU’s Senior Staff Attorney. “Officers must be held to the highest standard of transparency, and this incident raises serious questions about Captain Shropshire’s commitment to that.”

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) has launched an investigation into the incident, with the full cooperation of the police department.

In a statement, OSBI Director David Prater said, “We take this incident very seriously, and we will ensure that all involved are held accountable. We are committed to restoring public trust in law enforcement and will not stand for any behavior that undermines that trust.”

Capt. Shropshire has declined to comment on the incident.

The incident has raised questions about police accountability in the state of Oklahoma, particularly in light of the lack of body camera footage. Civil rights activists are calling for a full investigation into the incident and for more stringent guidelines for when body cameras should be used.