Once upon a time there was a Marc Marquez?

Once upon a time there was a Marc Marquez?

We will have the opportunity to talk about Imola.

The sky certainly does not look like that of 2022.

And let’s make sure it’s not McLaren’s fault, eh.

Meanwhile, Marc Marquez is trying to return to MotoGP.

Here is the opinion of the columnist of deception par excellence, Roli of mystery and myth.


Marc Marquez, who was he?

From cross bikes to 50 cc mini gp. then 125 two-stroke, 600 cc Moto2 world championship. and finally passing to Motogp except for age and winning the title already in the first game.

He was without a doubt one of the strongest riders of his time who fought and beat the giants of the circuit such as Rossi, Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Hayden. That said, the popular bug remains; Was it the biggest ever? Will another return lead him to new laurels or to the sure knowledge that his time has passed?

Unfortunately I have no doubt and have been writing for some time, age and past changes leave scars not only in the connective tissue but, more dangerously, in the neuronal pathways of the brain.

If the guidance of “Garibaldine” that has always distinguished him and the instinct of a cat that saved him until recently made him a “Circus”, now they can only weaken the downward stage of his career as a Champion.

Let’s face it, if he rode a Ducati or an Aprilia I’m sure we’d still have him on top but…..the lack of Honda competition and the fake Michelin tires lead him to extremes and accidents…and other scars. , a vicious circle that only the change team can interrupt by providing new incentives, new goals and the final but even a good alibi if it fails.

With mixed luck, the change of shirt often involved the top Champions, both at the top and at the end of their careers, emphasizing Honda in these situations makes no sense to me either because the sponsor “Bibitaro” would have seen it well on the Ktm (Austrian) ready to jump in the category to on the rank. Marquez and Verstappen… same track, same position on the podium.

So come on Marc, if there are no other obstacles jump up, in Mattighofen they are waiting for you with open arms.