One like all: the new Fiat Doblo after 12 years

One like all: the new Fiat Doblo after 12 years

One like all
New Fiat Doblo after 12 years

Fiat has had the current Doblò in its lineup since 2010. After the Stellantis group took over, a successor based on the Peugeot Partner and Opel Combo is finally announced. If desired, it can even drive purely on electricity like its counterparts.

A generational change awaits for Fiat’s Doblò van series. Instead of a real Fiat, as before, the new version will be a popular model from the Stellantis shelf, which is already available in the same construction as the Peugeot Partner and Opel Combo. Like its sister models, the Doblò, which is available in two lengths as a passenger car and as a commercial vehicle, will also be available with combustion engines and an electric drive.

With an electric car, Fiat Doblo can reach 280 km.

(Photo: Fiat)

For the car variant, electric is the only drive option. As with similar models from other Stellantis brands, a 136 hp electric drive provides propulsion, a 50 kWh battery should allow up to a range of 280 km WLTP. As an alternative to the electric car, the Cargo-Doblò will be available with a 100 hp diesel or a 130 hp 1.5-liter turbo and a 110 hp 1.2-liter gasoline engine.

Tons for the combustion engine, 800 kg for the E-Doblò

With a long wheelbase, the transporter variant can offer a loading volume of up to 4.4 cubic meters. Rear access is provided by a vertical split tailgate and side sliding door. The payload is one ton for versions with a combustion engine, in the E-Doblò it is 200 kg less. An electric powered transmission vehicle variant may have a power connection in the charging compartment, which can be used to run consumers such as a refrigerator with power from a traction battery.


The interior of the Fiat Doblò is simply furnished.

(Photo: Fiat)

The Doblò version of the car will have two sliding doors, a one-piece tail and five seats. The three rear seats can be folded individually to expand the trunk. Additional storage areas can be found on the roof if a Magic-Top with additional windows is ordered. Other equipment options for the Doblò include a head-up display, a folding rear window or a digital rearview mirror.

Fiat has not yet released a German market launch date or price. However, sister models such as the Opel Combo provide a guide: Here the normally driven cargo version starts at around 23,000 euros, with the passenger car version with an electric motor starting at around 43,000 euros.