Online Transportation – BYD launches e-Platform 3.0 with a new Ocean-X concept car

Online Transportation – BYD launches e-Platform 3.0 with a new Ocean-X concept car

SHENZEN – BYD officially launched e-platform 3.0 for all electric vehicles this week. Despite the huge advantages in terms of intelligence, efficiency, security and structure, e-platform 3.0 has a number of goals. The platform is intended to enhance the performance of NEVs in terms of safety and diversity at low temperatures. The system will also improve the driving experience wisely and enable the creation of safer and more intelligent EVs. The new generation of BYD-e platform manufactures vehicles of various sizes, from small to large, and will be available to the industry to facilitate the development of intelligent EVs around the world.

The concept of Ocean-X has been launched, a mid-size sports sedan with excellent performance, built on e-platform 3.0 platform. Ocean-X brings a new level of performance and mental performance thanks to fully integrated body-operated blade batteries, an 8-in-1 electric train and a four-wheel drive.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD, said the electronic platform 3.0 is a key factor in the transition to intelligent power supply and is also the source of the next generation of EVs. BYD’s new integrated energy solutions include energy acquisition, storage and utilization. Using this comprehensive solution, BYD aims to build a clean and confined ecological system and address global warming through practical planning.

In terms of safety, e-platform 3.0 provides a special frame structure for all electric vehicles that increases vehicle rigidity. This is possible because the safest straw batteries are attached to the car body as a package.

e-platform 3.0

The new platform enables more than 1,000 kilometers from the first 8-in-1 standard electric train. In addition, the world’s first fast charging technology enables a distance of up to 150 km after 5 minutes of charging. Automatic battery cooling and heating system increases heat efficiency by up to 20% while minimizing energy loss. In addition, the platform has an excellent heat pump system that operates at temperatures from -30 ℃ to 60 ℃ and expands the column by up to 20% during the cold season. The system uses residual heat from the environment, an electric train, a passenger room and even a battery. Finally, the brand new AWD power system enables speeds from 0-100 km / h in 2.9 seconds. This technology combines efficient energy consumption, compared to that of 2WD cars, with high performance of all-wheel drive EVs.

In terms of intelligence, with e-platform 3.0 a lot of attention has been paid to drive, brake system and steering. BYD has created the first domain controller for the powertrain industry. It controls the rapid response of electric motors and is used for example EA1 (code name). BYD’s dynamic cockpit domain controller and dynamic domain controller are already in mass production. In terms of software, BYD has independently created a BYD operating system that separates hardware and software and allows for high-performance intelligent operation.

In terms of design, the car has short overhangs and a long wheel, significantly increasing passenger space. The lower body and long wheel provide aerodynamic design of the vehicle, reducing the drag coefficient (Cd) to 0.21.

Ocean X, a medium-sized concept car built on the 3.0 electronic platform, excels in safety, versatility, charging capabilities, intelligence and design, making it the most efficient, secure and intelligent EV for the next generation.