Online Travel – New Volvo FE Electric for Germieco

Online Travel – New Volvo FE Electric for Germieco

WORMERVEER – With the acquisition of Volvo FE Electric, Germieco strengthens its commitment to sustainability. With electric vehicles, the company, which has the highest certification on the CO2 performance scale, continues to work on greening its vehicle and machine fleets. LVS Trucks produced an electric construction vehicle, which will be used mainly for work in the inner cities of North Holland.

Rob Rabbit, director and owner of Aannemings- en Hoveniersbedrijf Germieco from Wormerveer: “We choose an electric truck because we believe in the electrification of road transport. It is in line with our ambition to make our company more sustainable. For example, almost all the investments we make have an impact on reducing CO2 and we strive to operate without emissions. Examples of the investments we make are the plug-in vehicles we have purchased (usually 100% electric and a few hybrids), we have an electric forklift and our road crews drive 100% electric pick-ups. Additionally, we have invested in 100% power tools such as vibrating plates, blasters, tire saws, brush cutters, leaf blowers and chain saws. Based on this, we have had a ‘CO2 performance ladder step 5’ Certificate for over four years now and have 250 solar panels on our building to provide our green electricity. For us, buying an electric truck was the ‘next step’.”

At Germieco, various investments to replace trucks were planned this year. Reducing CO2 emissions, as well as the type of work and load capacity, has always been considered. Germieco has purchased three new construction trucks, including an electric Volvo FE. In addition to the FE, the Volvo FMX 460 10×4 Tridem and the Volvo FMX 460 8×4 Tridem were selected. The last truck is equipped with an electric crane.

“Full electric was not an option for us here. We looked at the possibilities and the best configuration for our work with LVS Trucks. They advised us very well. Our quest also resulted in Volvo FE Electric, including a HIAB loading crane and a Vossebelt tipper. LVS was able to supply Volvo Electric from stock and provide excellent guidance throughout the process.

“The driver of the Volvo FE Electric, André Zandbergen, is also very good. He sees this as a move towards the future and is happy to be a part of it. The enthusiasm increased after being at the Green Premium Event. Demonstrations were made at this event by Volvo Trucks and André was able to experiment. It was explained, among other things, that the driver in an electric truck ‘must rethink’. Something LVS Trucks also helps with. For example, you have to plan your work day separately and consider battery charging. Planners of transport and operators must also learn to take this into account. The electric truck will drive more in the inner city of Amsterdam, Zaanstad and other cities in the region. Zero Emission, we are ready.

Germieco is a contractor and gardener in one company. So the company offers a total package. Their core values ​​are: Reliability, Decisiveness and Customer orientation. There is great knowledge and skills in the field of land, road and hydraulic engineering, but also in landscape design and green maintenance. Much has been invested in quality, staff and safety in recent years.

The company is certified by ISO 9001 and VCA. But also according to BRL Green Facilities, BRL Tree Care, BRL 9334 Street work and Germieco it is allowed to make water and soil correction according to BRL 7000 7001 and 7004 protocols.

Germieco is on stage 2 of the Safety Culture Level to promote safe working practices. In 2023, the company will be 40 years old. By investing heavily in new methods, the tone is set for the future.